How to file for CPP Disability Claims?

If you have been injured and are need to file for disability claim on a temporary or permanent basis, you can do that through your employers under the purview of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).Although many companies offer long term disability policies, it is best that you have your own personal injury lawyer to look after your legal requirements. The injury lawyer will walk you through the CPP disability claim procedure if you want.

Those filing for the WSIB claims are eligible to sue the defendant for damages, but if you are contemplating it, talk with your lawyer about it.It is important that you complete the application when you are applying for the disability benefits under Canada Pension Plan. If any other documents have to be attached, ensure that you don’t miss any of the paperwork. This is important because it will form the basis of the compensation claim and you cannot afford to go wrong on the information. If you miss out on any information chances diminish of your receiving the maximum compensation. Some of the essential documents that need to be included are:

Medical Reports and documentation

It is important to get the medical reports and related documents from the physicians that have been looking after you or are familiar with your injuries and disability. You might want to schedule an appointment and discuss the CPP disability claim and get the report filled. Check for inaccuracies before you submit it. You might need other supporting documents from orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists and neurologists detailing your medical condition and how it is affecting your life.

Disability benefit forms

You are required to submit the Questionnaire for Disability Benefits along with the medical report. This will determine the outcome of your claim. You are given a chance to describe the disability, how it has affected you, your limitations. It gives you a chance to explain the ill-effects of the disability and its impact on housekeeping, driving, personal care and social activities that you enjoyed. The information that is needed while filing for CPP application is immense and additional documents that are needed is:

·         Consent for Medical Evaluation

·         Authorization to Disclose Information /

·         Child-rearing Dropout Provision form  (this is needed if you have kids and are out of job)

The date of injury or disability will need to be mentioned and when you stopped working and you had to do that. It is essential to mention whether you were terminated due to your disability or could no longer work. Include any information about your disability as mentioned by your doctor.

Under the section “illnesses or impairments”, it is best to write clearly yet mention the exhaustive list of ailments and disability that you suffer with. For descriptive overview of the disability, you can refer to the doctor’s medical reports.

It is essential to mention additional chronic ailments like diabetes, hypertension, depression or others which may not be leading to disability but can lower the quality of your life. It is better to include the listed therapies (massage, acupuncture, occupational therapy) and medications that have been prescribed.


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