Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite Or Attack Claim?

A dog attack or bite can be so traumatizing and it can leave the victim with not only physical scars but also emotional scars as well. After a dog attack occurs, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, it’s important that any time the dog breaks your skin with their teeth, these wounds need to be cleaned out in order to avoid infection. Then it’s important that you seek professional assistance from a personal injury lawyer to help you collect compensation from the owner to cover the expenses of the dog bite as well as pain and suffering compensation too.

The owners of the dogs that attacked will be under obligation to cover these expenses and is responsible for their animals and the damage that is done because of them. Owning a dog comes with 100% responsibility for that animal and the actions they take. In some cases, the dog owner cannot argue with the proof that has been provided but there are some cases that won’t go as simple as that. When a dog owner protests the accusation that his or her dog is responsible for the attack that happened to you, a case must be built to bring your case to light and to make sure the courts have no doubt that your version of the story is right.

It’s important to note that when a case is brought to court, the actions leading up to the dog attack or dog bite is also considered. If a dog is provoked by the victim in some way, the compensation for damages can be reduced depending on what the judge believes to be fair. Its’ not always as simple as the dog is behaving badly and attacks others. Sometimes humans can tease or pick on dogs who turn and bite when they have had enough. The courts look at both sides of the case before they rule in a dog bite/ dog attack injury.

After you have suffered a dog attack or bite, and you get medical attention, it’s important that you gather up the witness information which should include their names and contact information. This information will be very important to your personal injury lawyer in Oakville when he or she is building your case. The more information you can give him/her, the better your case will be.

If the attack happened at a dog park or somewhere other than the dog owners property, then you will want to record the address of where the attack happened and if possible at least get the name of the dog and any other details you can remember to gather up to help track down the owner of the dog.

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