How Negligence Can Cause Spinal Cord Injury

If someone breaks a bone as the result of an accident, a single tissue has been damaged. Yet that is not the case when an accident victim suffers a spinal cord injury. In that case a negligent act could have harmed one or more on a whole list of tissues. The spinal cord contains nerves, bones, cartilage and blood vessels, plus a channel for spinal fluid.

Furthermore, the presence of those various types of tissues means that their housing (the cord) could get harmed in far more than one way. Indeed, there are many different ways that the cord’s integrity can be weakened.

Kinds of spinal cord injuries

• Fractures
• Dislocations
• Contusions to vertebral column
• Chronic pain caused by bruising, stretching or misalignment

In most cases, the infliction of such an injury involves subjecting the spine to a type of trauma. Typically, some person’s negligence has created the blow that produced such trauma. As stated above, the traumatized tissue could be bone, some type of soft tissue, nerves or blood vessels. Doctors sort out such conditions according to their severity and to their location on the body. Using those factors, physicians group such conditions into two general categories or types.

Types of spinal cord injuries

Complete: Victim loses all ability to feel or to make voluntary movements below the level of the injury.

Incomplete: Victim has some feeling and some ability to make voluntary movements in the region of the body below the injury.

Within the patients that have an injury that would get classes as either of those two types, physicians can observe an entire range of symptoms. The mildest symptoms are pain and numbness. If the level of the trauma has been slightly greater, the patient suffers with paralysis. In patients with the most severe symptoms, incontinence has added to the disruptions in the patient’s life.

Fortunately, there are a number of treatments. The negligent person that has caused the injury must pay for one or more of those treatments.

Possible treatments

• Surgery
• Medication
• Physiotherapy
• Immobilization
• Electronic aids
• Wheelchairs equipped with the latest devices.

One of those newer wheelchairs was developed by Apple. It retains connections to all sorts of computerized devices. Hence, it makes it possible for at least some wheelchair users to try earning some money, even while confined to a wheelchair.

Unfortunately, that will not be the case for every victim of a spinal cord injury. Not every car driver has an education and background that ensures utilization of Apple’s wheelchair for money-earning purposes. In fact, the traumatic events that damage the spine take place most often in places where the injured party lacks a high level of education, and lacks much familiarity with technological tools. That is why any accident victim that is suffering short term or long term disability or spinal injuries that has been catastrophic need to consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville to get the right amount of compensation.

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