Why You Should Always Remove Icicles From Your Home And Property?

During the harsh, cold winter months, the majority of pedestrians will be focusing on where they are stepping in order to avoid slipping on a frozen puddle or smoothly trampled patch of snow. Because of this, very few pay attention to what is going on over their heads. Or more specifically: what is hanging over their heads.

Nobody Wants To Be Struck Down By A Falling Icicle

Icicles can be gorgeous to look at. They have a cool shape, reflect the light, and they remind us of the cartoons we watched in our childhood. But they can also pose a lethal threat. Once the warmer temperatures overcome us, entire formations of ice can slip from the rooftops and hit the ground at speeds high enough to kill if a person were to walk past at the same time. But even when luck is on everyone’s side and no one is harmed, the falling ice can still strike someone’s car or other property.

Ice buildups and icicles are a silent killer. They can seem stable one second and crash down into a passing car in the next. When it hits the ground uninterrupted, it is harmless, but when it hits property or person, consequences can be severe and end in hospitalization or even death.

How You Can Prevent Your Building from Turning into a Potential Deathtrap

First and foremost, you should check your roof pitch. If it is no longer functional, it could be the reason why water is building up and freezing instead of running off as it should. It may also be that ice dams have formed along the edges of your sloped roof. What you can do to prevent this ice from accumulating is to invest in a snow rake. This tool has been specifically designed to allow for a person to stand on the ground and still reach the roof and remove the snow. This way, the snow won’t get to melt and refreeze as icicles.

Another useful tool to preventing ice buildup is a so called heat trace. Made up of not much more than a wire, this tool reaches warm temperatures after it has been plugged in and can be extended to span across the entirety of your roof where it can melt the snow and ice before it can ever accumulate and pose a threat.

However, if you slipped and fell on someone’s property due to neglect of upkeep, you can sue them and be compensated for your injuries. It is best to find a personal injury lawyer in Oakville, who can assist you through the procedure.

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