A Guide To Product Liability Claims

We are surrounded by products that have been sold to us at all times. Whether it be our cellphones, furniture, clothes, food, or any other manufactured item. And regardless of what the product may be, we always assume it to fulfill a certain purpose, and more importantly, to work as promised and cause us no harm.

Safety Standard Enforced By Product Safety Laws

Legislation has been put into place on both a national and provincial level in order to enforce a certain safety standard on all products sold on the market. Products that do not meet the desired safety standard will oftentimes not even make it into the production stage.Whether it be food, technology, or pharmaceuticals, people want to feel safe when they buy something. They want to know that the product will not cause them harm. However, even when a product slips through the cracks, there are still laws in place which will force the manufacturer to alert all consumers and initiate a recall in order to remove potentially hazardous products from the market and people’s homes.

Holding People Accountable for Injuries Caused By Products

Should it come down to it, and a defective product causes injury to a consumer, said consumer will have ways of holding the ones responsible accountable. Compensation can be obtained from manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, depending on who is found liable for the defect.

Defects can appear in all stages, from the design, over the manufacturing, all the way to the marketing. However, sometimes a claim can also be successful if it can be proven that a company was aware of a defect and neglected to warn consumers in order to avoid a recall of the product.

Defects in The Design Stage

Sometimes, defects already occur before a product has even made it into manufacturing. Even if the right materials are used, and every part is properly secured, a defect in the design can still lead to product failure and ultimately, injury to the consumer. It can be minor issues to severe injuries that can lead to debilitating health issues.

Defects in The Manufacturing Stage

Similarly, even the most perfect of designs can bring forth a defective product if mistakes were made during the manufacturing stage. Whether it be the utilization of cheap or otherwise inferior materials, or negligence to check for defects, there is a lot that can go wrong during this stage, that may ultimately lead to injury of the consumer due to a defect. However, there is redressal. The injured victim has the right to call on the personal injury lawyer in Oakville to ensure that the damages are compensated.

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