Impact of Witness Evidence On Your Personal Injury Claim

Regardless of the origins of your injury, as long as it has been sustained during an accident, a personal injury lawyer will tell you of the importance of eyewitness evidence. This is because liability plays such a big part in settling a claim.

While liability is being discussed, the objective nature of an eyewitness statement can be significant due to the outside nature of their position. They have nothing to gain or lose when they testify, and the outcome doesn’t matter to them. Because of this, the courts view them as reliable and believable, and are thus quick to be persuaded by their statement.For you, this means that having a trustworthy eyewitness on your side can lead to an early settlement which can help you avoid court and receive fair compensation quickly. However, trying to do it all on your own isn’t feasible as you cannot maneuver the legal arena with little knowledge.

Obtaining Witness Information At The Accident Site

Any personal injury lawyer in Oakville worth their money will tell you of the importance of obtaining information on scene. Take out a notepad or whip out your phone while you are still at the site of the accident, and go up to the other involved drivers and witnesses. You will need their names, statements, and contact information, as well as additional accident-related data from the drivers alone.

While police may also be at the scene to do the same, it will still be vital for you to obtain this information for yourself early on, so you can pass it on to your personal injury lawyer. That way, your lawyer will be able to obtain written and signed statements from all witnesses.Working quickly with these statements is important since time will cause memories to fade and details to become warped or disappear entirely. You do not want false memories which will lead to confusion, but those clear and early memories that have not yet been tainted by time. Additionally, the leverage of early and sound evidence can lead to a quicker settlement with a positive outcome of high and fair compensation for your injuries.

Potential Downsides of Witness Evidence

While eyewitness evidence is always important, there are cases in which statements may be conflicting and lead to confusion in regards to where to place the blame. The worst possible scenario for you would be an eyewitness statement that directly contradicts the series of events you personally described. Should that come to pass, your lawyer will be of utmost value. That is why it is important to call on the lawyer and schedule a free consultation to get the evaluation done on your case.

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