Actions To Take If Injured In Truck Accident In Ontario

Although frequently covered in snow or ice, Canadian roads have no shortage of trucks. That fact applies to all the highways in and around Ontario. For that reason, each resident of Ontario should know what actions to take, if he or she becomes injured in a truck accident.

One thing that decreases the chances for that unfortunate occurrence:

Truck drivers undergo training, one that helps to equip them for the times when any of those same drivers must deal with average-sized vehicles. In other words, truckers must learn what tactics should be used by the trucker that travels a highway with lots of traffic. A large number of the vehicles on such a highway will be at or close to what is generally considered to be the average size. The times when a driver is most-apt to exhibit a diminished level of attention is when a driver fails to allow for the needed stopping distance or is overly tired.

Types of injuries typically suffered by an Ontario resident that was involved in a truck accident:

• Whiplash
• Traumatic brain injury
• Puncture injuries

Actions that injured victim should take at the accident site include remaining at the crash site and calling emergency number to call for help. Take pictures, if possible. If you do not have a camera with you on the day of the accident; schedule a time for returning to the accident site.

Take notes of what happened. These notes are for the victim’s benefit; they should not be shared with others. They should prove useful, if the victim must attend a discovery session or testify in a courtroom. It helps to exchange insurance information with the other drivers. Victim should share his or her name, license number and contact number. Victim should provide other driver(s) with his or her license plate number and insurance company, along with the relevant numbers on the insurance policy. And seek medical attention just as soon as possible.

Obtain a copy of the police report: such a report should be available, since no truck-involved collision can be viewed as a small or insignificant collision. Contact an injury lawyer in Oakville and prepare to file a lawsuit. Request compensation for a replacement vehicle, for lost wages, for medical expenses and for pain and suffering.

One action that should not be taken

Do not make any statement about the accident. There is a long list of people and businesses that could be held responsible. The victim of a truck accident should refrain from making any statement, until investigators have completed their job. Their job includes the task of looking into the likelihood that any one of the people or businesses on the above-mentioned list might have increased the risk that an accident could happen.

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