Disability Insurance Appeals Following A Letter of Denial

Just because your disability insurance claim was denied doesn’t mean that it’s all over. Regardless of whether you have filed a claim for employer disability, following a denial, they both allow for an appeal on your part. Even more than once if that is what it takes. However, when it comes to private disability insurance, things may be a little more complicated and may require that you seek legal counsel to take a closer look at your policy. Statistically, it has been found that not even a third of all claims meet immediate approval, so you should definitely not give up. Especially not right away.

How Can I Appeal The Denial of My Claim?

If your employer disability insurance has been denied, then the why and how of the denial need to be stated in detail within the received letter. However, if that isn’t enough to satisfy you, then you may also file a request for free copies of all the records, documentation, and written letters from experts that influenced the ultimate denial of your claim.

Once you have gathered all the information surrounding the denial, you will be able to use these details to build up a solid appeal. In order for your appeal to be of value, you will need to ensure that you are sticking to any deadlines that may have been set by your insurer, otherwise it won’t be of any use.

Since you know why your claim was denied, it is now time to give your insurer any additional information they can possibly want, including additional medical records, more medical evidence acquired through additional tests, written support from your healthcare providers, verified receipts of all documentation you have mailed to your insurance company, and written testimony from colleagues, friends, or family, who have seen first-hand how your condition impacts your day to day life.

How Many Times Can I Appeal?

As previously mentioned, you can appeal several times if that is what it takes to finally receive approval of your claim. The average acceptance rate of appeals lies between two and three when it comes to informal appeals and the insurance company’s rules haven’t stated otherwise.

Informal appeals are the kind of appeals that will be handled internally by regular employees of the company. However, when it comes to companies with set rules, you will usually be limited to two appeals before the claim is taken to a formal hearing. Be careful to stick to the deadlines when it comes to these appeals. You can always hire the services of a personal injury lawyer in Oakville to take care of these legalities.

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