Legal Help For Accident-Related Facial Injuries

Accident-related facial injuries can lead to development of dental trauma. For that reason, any victim with a facial injury ought to give serious thought to consulting with and hiring a lawyer.

Possible reasons for a facial injury

• Driver’s head suffers impact with steering wheel
• Passenger’s head suffers impact with seat
• Flying cargo hits head of driver or passenger
• With children, impact of head and seat belt may cause facial injury

Varied nature of possible dental trauma, as result of injury

• Chipped tooth; the burden of a chipped front tooth can prove especially traumatic.
• Tooth gets lost or dislodged.
• Fracturing of a tooth’s root; that may make removal of affected tooth necessary.

Complications linked to dental issues

Accident-related dental issues can force a victim to schedule an entire series of visits to the dentist’s office. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to visit a specialist on a given problem, one that relates to the victim’s teeth. The problem may not be resolved in 1 or 2 visits. The victim may need to a set aside large numbers of hours to the process of sitting in a dentist’s chair.

If children have had their teeth damaged, they may need further surgery, after loss of their baby teeth and appearance of permanent teeth. If a problem goes uncorrected, an awkward smile could create an added challenge, when an accident victim tries to find a job.

Approach encouraged, if a parent finds that a child’s teeth have been damaged, as the result of a collision.

Consult with and hire an Injury Lawyer in Oakville. Speak with that attorney, regarding the advisability of having a pediatric dentist exam the child’s damaged tooth. Discover how the damage might be corrected. Learn whether or not the correction can solve every problem. Could it be that introduction of braces has been made more difficult, even with the correction? If that is the case, the lawyer needs to bring that fact to the attention of the representatives for the opposing side.

Are there any other problems that might arise later, due to the re-positioning of the teeth? Is there a strong chance that the victim’s wisdom teeth might need to be removed at a future time? That is another issue that should be brought to the attention of the representatives for the opposing side.

Parent should get lawyer’s thoughts on seeking compensation for money to cover future dental issues. If child is older, was any potential career ruled-out by alteration of the child’s facial features? If that is the case, then the parents can claim loss of future opportunities for their son or daughter. The suggested approach is not one that can be undertaken by an unrepresented parent. A traumatized parent needs a lawyer.

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