Possible Penalties For Accident Victim That Does Not Have Insurance

A motorist that drives down the road without insurance faces the prospect of being hit with a stiff penalty. If the same motorist were to become involved in a motor vehicle accident, then the severity of the expected consequences would vary, depending on the location of that particular collision.

Some states and provinces have a no-fault car insurance system.

That means that any accident victim is expected to seek compensation from his or her own insurance company. In a no-fault system, the filing of a lawsuit by the victim of an automobile accident remains forbidden, unless the victim has sustained catastrophic injuries. That is the procedure followed, when the victim did not cause the collision.

If the victim has caused the accident, a different set of rules must be followed. That guilty victim could become the target of a lawsuit. In that case, the guilty driver/victim would be expected to cover each of the acquired expenses.

What is the rule in other states and provinces?

There the driver that has caused any type of accident might get sued by the victim. Consequently, the sued and uninsured victim could expect to have a judgement enforced against him or her. That judgement gets enforced, due to the absence of money from an insurance company. The victim’s Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville can seek any available funds, even those that might be obtained by garnishing the wages of the uninsured driver.

Understand that the uninsured driver is not always the one that has caused the injuries suffered by another party Sometimes the uninsured driver gets seriously injured. In that case, the injured driver may have a limited source of funds, for payment of any medical bills.

In some states and provinces, that same driver would have access to no more than the funds in a limited compensation. That compensation would not include any money for pain and suffering. In addition, in almost any state or province, that uninsured driver would get hit with a stiff penalty.

In some places, it would be called a criminal penalty; in others an administrative penalty. So, besides having to pay for the medical expenses, the uninsured victim would also get burdened with the need to pay a heavy fine. Moreover, that combination of expensive, penalizing measures does not always satisfy a government that has asked all drivers to purchase some form of car insurance.

Frequently, such a government elects to impose yet another penalty. That penalty takes the form of a privilege’s denial. The car owner/driver that chose to travel on the road without any insurance suffers a temporary loss of his or her license. The uninsured driver remains without a legal license for anywhere from 6 months to one year.

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