Significance of Presentation of Injury

Everyone that files a personal injury claim must make a presentation, even if the pertinent facts are simply written on paper. The strength of a presentation about an injury plays a significant role in determination of a claimant’s fair compensation.

A strong presentation can work to bring the claimant a large amount of money

After reading the details, concerning a claimant’s injuries, the adjuster for the defendant’s insurance company comes forward with an offer. If the claimant seems to have suffered only a minor injury, the adjuster might make a low-ball offer. The size of such an offer seldom increases greatly during the pre-settlement negotiations.

The law in Ontario, as it relates to presenting facts about an injury

The claimant must prove that the other party was at-fault for the injury-causing accident. The presentation’s strength depends on the presence of such a proof.

How lawyers can help claimants that need to present facts about an injury?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville do not ask to be paid up-front. Typically, that type of attorney charges a contingency fee. The client pays the attorney when the defendant has paid the agreed-upon compensation. A lawyer’s experience allows him or her to offer useful guidance, regarding what forms must be filed, as part of the claimant’s responsibilities.

By the same token, the attorney’s experience has acquainted that member of the legal profession with the specific deadlines that the lawyer-client team will need to meet. Claimants must submit their forms within a specified amount of time. Every lawyer’s collection of experiences is unique. In addition, it is case-specific. In other words, a claimant’s lawyer might possess insight into a particularly important area of that same client’s/claimant’s case.

For instance, it could be that a previous client had omitted a certain important fact at the time of that client’s presentation. An awareness of the consequences for such an omission, that earlier client’s lawyer would not want to struggle twice, in order to recover a decent compensation for any person that had made that particular mistake.

How presentations might seem strong, when they are not

The level of a presentation’s completeness helps to determine its strength. If some symptom shows-up after the insurance company has received details on a claimant’s injury, then that injury’s severity may go unnoticed. An unnoticed symptom/injury could go uncompensated.

If the vehicle damaged by the defendant contained passengers, as well as the driver, then the insurance company ought to learn about any of the passengers’ medical problems, at least those caused by the collision. Parents need to make sure that any young passenger gets seen by the appropriate pediatrician or family doctor. It may become the lawyer’s job to seek a deadline’s extension.

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