Basic Facts On The Process of Submitting A Claim For Disability Benefits

Who might become the source of a person’s disability benefits? The answer to that question provides a clue to the first step in the process of submitting a claim for disability benefits.

Before submitting a claim form, file a claim.

How can you learn how to file a claim? Determine who will be providing those benefits. Will it be your employer or the insurance provider? If it will be your employer, talk with the person at your company that is in charge of benefits, normally someone in the Office of Human Resources.

If your insurance provider will arrange for delivery of the benefits, then you should look for guidance in your policy. If your policy does not provide you with the needed information, then you must ask your insurance agent.

Enter the required information on the claim form.

Fill in the spaces that seek demographic and banking information. Do not ignore the spaces that need to be filled with specific claim information. That would include a list of the health care professionals that you have consulted. It should also explain how your injury or illness was diagnosed and treated.

Your claim information must offer insight on both your medical problem and your job. It should list your occupational duties. It should explain how, when and where you got injured, or became ill. The provider of your benefits will want to know when you stopped working, and when you began to receive some type of treatment.

By filing a claim, you have indicated that you can no longer depend on the opportunity to earn a living, by carrying out your job responsibilities. That fact gives the insurance company a reason for asking for one further piece of claim information. It will want to know if you have any other income sources.

The form’s submission

Once the claim form has been completed, then you can send it to the proper office. Seek details on the address of that office. Be sure that you learn the deadline for submission of the completed form. No matter how much effort you put into filling-in each of the form’s blank spaces, all of your work will become meaningless, if you do not submit the completed document at the indicated time.

Obviously, if you get a mistaken address, your form’s information might reach the wrong office. That is why it helps to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville, when you intend to go after the long-term disability payments that can serve as a replacement for your income.

A lawyer’s assistance might also prove useful, if you feel unclear about the timeline that led up to the day when you filed a claim. You might need help recalling dates.

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