Is It Wise To Handle An Injury-Related Claim Without A Lawyer?

The accident victim that chooses to deal, alone, with an insurance company lacks all of the knowledge that was acquired by the insurer’s representatives. In the absence of such knowledge, the claimant/victim may well feel forced to accept the argument made by the defense team (those same representatives).

An insurance company might try to deny or reduce an accident victim’s compensation. Insurers often search for some indication that the claimant/victim failed to mitigate the nature of his or her injuries. In fact, the insurance company might claim that the claimant’s actions actually aggravated the nature of those injuries. In the absence of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville, a claimant would probably struggle to disprove such an allegation.

Insurers understand better than claimants the value of their claim.

Claimants seldom understand what factors contribute to a claim’s value. That lack of understanding can weaken the chances for obtaining a fair compensation. Lawyers have learned how to evaluate claims, and how to demand a fair compensation for clients.

What are some of the factors that affect the value of a claim?

The type of accident: The reward for the plaintiff in a medical malpractice case is usually much larger than the awards that are given to victims of a dog bite.

The nature of the injury: The victim that suffers a permanent impairment has sound reason for demanding a compensation that exceeds the one given to someone that suffered a sprained ankle, as a result of the same or similar incident.

The medical costs: Insurance companies study the cost of the treatment. That expense helps to determine the case’s value, more so than the cost of any diagnostic technique. That is why an accident victim must seek immediate medical help. It may be harder and more expensive to diagnose the advanced stage of an overlooked injury.

Income lost: How many days was an employee absent from the workplace, while recovering? How much profit did a self-employed businessperson sacrifice, because he or she had to take the time to recover from an injury?

Emotional issues: Those include things like embarrassment, stress and depression. For the victim of a catastrophic accident, the struggle to carry-out simple, daily tasks can lead to development of emotional issues.

Damaged property: Damaged items get more valued, if the damaged item cannot be repaired or replaced. That is why the car insurance on a luxury automobile tends to be quite costly. If that vehicle gets damaged in a collision, it can cost a great deal of money to locate and obtain all the necessary parts.

Moreover, not all of today’s mechanics are familiar with the methods used for altering an older model, in order to create an updated version of that model.

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