Can I File A Product Liability Claim After Getting Injured Due To Use of An Unsafe Product?

Every single day in Canada millions of consumers purchase a whole range of different products. These might range from dairy products, groceries, vehicles, toys, food, clothes and basically everything that you can really thing of, including pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics. With every single thing that you buy, you expect that the company that manufactured it and the sellers accordingly have done everything within their reach to actually ensure that they are safe for usage. At the same time, you expect that if there are any inherent risks and hazards which come with the product, they will be communicated accordingly and that you will be well aware of them.

Well, as unfortunate as it may sound to you, this is definitely far from being the case in most situations. When you are hurt by the usage of a product which turns out to be rather dangerous in a way, you are capable of filing a personal injury claim in order to get monetary compensated for the financial loss as well as for the pain and suffering that you have gone through. This is the kind of legal issue which falls within the category of product liability – it refers to the liability of the parties which are involved in the overall supply chain. It could include the manufacturer, distributor as well as the sellers of the faulty product.

The focus on defects

Product liability usually places the focus on products which are defective. In a claim of the kind, the plaintiff needs to show that he was harmed and injured. He needs to determine and establish in front of the court or the insurance company that said injuries were a direct result from the faulty product and that they wouldn’t have appeared if he knew about the hazard or if the product was not faulty. This poses quite a lot of challenges as there are a lot of things to be determined. There are three distinct categories of defects which should be emphasized on and they include:

·         Flawed design

·         Inadequate warnings and

·         Manufacturing

In any case, should you find yourself involved in a product liability case of any kind, the first thing that you need to do after getting the necessary medical assistance is to hire a personal injury lawyer in Oakville. A claim of this kind can’t be navigated without the necessary expertise and experience and finding a reliable lawyer is something of tremendous significance. Trying to get a claim on your own in such a case is impossible. This is what’s going to ensure that you get that high compensation and that you get on with your life as soon as it’s possible – this is something that you need to consider. This is why the lawyer has an important role. With plenty of law firms that excel at product liability cases, it won’t be difficult to find an experienced lawyer to represent your rights.

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