Reporting Your Ontario Motor Vehicle Collision

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision in the province of Ontario, you should act fast when it comes to reporting. In the immediate aftermath, you should remain at the accident site in order to provide assistance to other parties involved. Observe sustained injuries and damages, and if you determine the combined damage to be worth more than $2,000, then you will also need to report the collision.Specific instructions will also be provided the Collision Reporting Center in your area, as well as by your insurance company. Read More

Guide To Structured Settlements In The Case of A Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

Following a motor vehicle accident which left you injured, you may find yourself in a situation in which the only way to obtain compensation for the damages inflicted upon you and your property, is through the means of a lawsuit. However, there are also situation in which a pre-trial settlement is possible and sufficient. The only way to reach a settlement is by sitting down with all other involved parties and starting negotiations. For this to be successful, everyone involved will need to be open for negotiations, and willing to compromise around certain matters. The goal is to reach common ground and settle for a monetary amount that is fair and satisfying in the eyes of all involved parties. Having a lawyer at this junction can be helpful. Read More

Consequences of Your Vehicle Being Declared A “Total Loss” Following A Motor Vehicle Collision

Following a motor vehicle collision which you were involved in, you will most likely be finding yourself in a situation in which you need to file a claim with your insurance company in order to receive compensation for your losses. As a result of this claim, an investigation is conducted with the purpose of obtaining information surrounding the accident for your insurer. Read More