What Types of Accidents Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

In addition to covering the cost of damage caused by fire or wind, homeowner’s insurance covers certain types of accidents. It covers the homeowner for any accident that takes place on the insured residence. Additionally, it also covers the homeowner and each member of the homeowner’s family, if any one of them injures or damages someone else’s property. Such coverage keeps others from asking that a home be used as compensation for an injury. Read More

Understanding All Aspects of Premise Liability Issues

If you are injured on the property of someone else, you are likely to be eligible for compensation by the person or the actual entity which is the owner of the property. For instance, if you go ahead, slip and fall on a spilled liquid in a restaurant, you are capable of suing the restaurant to recover the amount of money for the damages you’ve incurred. This is called premise liability and is one of the most substantial and considerable parts of personal injury law. However, what happens if the premise is owned by the government? Unfortunately for you, this might actually make things a bit more complicated. Read More