Factors To Take Into Consideration When Hiring A Dog Bite Lawyer

In Ontario, the dog’s owner is responsible for any injuries, unless the evidence has suggested that the victim had provoked the biting canine.
What damages would the insurance company be expected to cover?

• Medical costs
• Treatment of any scar tissue
• Pain and suffering
• Lost wages

An experienced personal injury lawyer in Oakville should know what questions to ask.Did the dog’s teeth pierce the victim’s skin? A deep wound is viewed as a serious injury. Its presence increases the degree of risk to which the victim has become exposed.

A good lawyer would get the attack documented.

A written report must be submitted to the correct agency. The officials in that agency would work in the public health office.

What dog bite victims should note, when seeking an attorney?

What level of experience does the considered lawyer have?

Following a consultation, ask this: Was that injury lawyer a good communicator? Did he or she explain things clearly; did the consulted lawyer listen attentively to the story that the victim shared, during the consultation?

Times when a victim’s case might pose a special challenge to a hired lawyer

Anytime that the victim was self-employed: In that situation, the lawyers for the defendant might strive to create difficulties for the other side. Their chosen tactic might involve asking for better proof of the amount of money that the victim was earning, before he or she got bit.

Dog owners are expected to control their pets. Suppose a dog owner puts a barrier around a doghouse, but the pet canine jumps over it. That would be an example of borderline control. The victim’s attorney would need to push the judge and jury to cast doubt on the adequacy of the fence, in terms of controlling the penned-in canine.

If the owner of the dog that bit the victim were to leave town, then there would be a pause in the statute of limitations. It would become the lawyer’s job to keep track of when the dog’s owner returned, so that the client’s claim could get filed before the deadline.

What could happen if a client’s pet dog had bitten a 14-year-old youth, when that young fellow tried to pet the client’s canine? According to the law a victim can be blamed if he or she provoked the biting animal. Yet that law does not apply if the victim was a child.

Would a 14-year-old boy qualify as a child? A hired lawyer would need to study the relevant rules, in order to find an answer to that question. A dog bite attorney’s education should guarantee the attorney’s ability to locate the answer to a pressing legal question.

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