How A Driver’s Use of Drugs Increases The Likelihood of A Collision?

A growing number of drivers have joined those that do not hesitate to use marijuana before sitting at the wheel of a motor vehicle. Now, Personal Injury Lawyers in Oakville are seeking to determine whether or not enjoyment of such a freedom poses a threat to others on the road.

How does marijuana affect the human body?

• It causes the user to experience a feeling of fatigue or drowsiness.
• It slows the rate at which the user can react to any input.
• It causes the user to have trouble concentrating.
• It reduces the user’s ability to demonstrate the expected level of memory functions.
• It can cause the user to panic or feel anxious.
• The user is more easily distracted.

What is the significance of those changes in the body?

The slowing of a driver’s reaction time increases the chances for an accident. A driver that has trouble concentrating could easily become involved in a collision. A driver that gets distracted easily poses a danger to others on the road.
Lawyers in Canada have access to figures from both Canada and from the United States. A study done in a few of the states that have legalized use of marijuana found a 6% increase in the number of collisions. Such evidence indicates that collisions happen more frequently when drivers feel free to use marijuana.

How insurers respond to such figures:

Insurers have started creating policies that work to penalize a driver that thinks it is OK to use marijuana and then sit at the wheel of a motored vehicle. Insurers will increase the premium for a driver that has been charged with driving while under marijuana’s influence. If the same driver gets charged a second time, his or her insurance policy could get suspended.

How the government might respond to such figures:

The government could request changes in the drivers’ education programs. For instance, such a program could be asked to expose the students to materials that showcase the effects of marijuana. Such programs have been used in the past, in order to alert young drivers to the dangers that are associated with driving while under the influence of alcohol.

What sorts of materials could such programs use?

In the past, such programs used movies that showed crashes involving drunk drivers. Now students could see videos, or they could view a taped program that had been posted on a given website. In such a program, someone would be caught on camera using marijuana and then getting into the driver’s seat of a car.

Then marijuana’s effects reduce the driver’s ability to exhibit good driving habits. As a result, the same driver becomes involved in a collision. Such material sends a clear message to young people.

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