How To Deal With Late-Appearing Injuries?

Accident victims that have late-appearing injuries must learn how to protect their health and legal rights, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville. Each of them has sustained an injury that does not produce any immediate symptoms.

Reason for absence of early symptoms

Typically, a human body that has felt the forces associated with a collision makes certain chemicals, such as adrenaline and endorphins. Those cause the affected body to experience an increased level of energy, along with a lack of pain. Of course, the level of those substances in the blood stream diminishes over time; hence the emerging pain eventually causes the victim to feel uncomfortable.

Patterns associated with soft tissue injuries

A bruised or otherwise damaged region of soft tissue could remain free of any symptom for a period of days or weeks. Still, each such region would slowly begin to become a source of pain. At the same time, it might start to swell, or exhibit a decreased amount of mobility.

A soft tissue injury would never show up on an x-ray. Despite the absence of any clear indication of physical harm to a specific region of the body, an accident victim ought to seek medical treatment, following the first signs of discomfort.

The gradual emergence of effects on a jolted head

The jolting that a driver or the occupant of a vehicle might experience, following an impact, could cause the brain to come in contact with the skull. That simple contact could give rise to a traumatic brain injury (TBI). The chances that an accident victim might experience such unwanted results would increase, if the victim’s brain were close to some type of infection, such as an infected ear.

One would think that the symptoms of a TBI should be rather apparent. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some of them tend to be very subtle. Someone that has started to have muddled thinking, or has found it difficult to recall a few facts might not realize that those problems represent the subtle signs of a TBI. In other words, that some person should think seriously about plans to see a doctor.

Within the long list of problems that might be symptoms of a TBI, not all are quite so subtle. Some of them, such as dizziness or blurry vision might provide the affected individual with greater reason for scheduling a doctor’s appointment. Yet others, such as headaches, nausea, trouble concentrating, or altered sleep patterns might get viewed as no more than something with which to cope on a daily basis.

Advice for all accident victims

Do not agree to settle with the insurance company until after a full evaluation of any potential medical problem, even one that seems inconsequential.

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