How To Obtain Good Evidence For Car Accident Case?

The number of documents that have been collected by a claimant-lawyer team can determine the same claimant’s chances for achieving a fair settlement.

Documents can help with proving the following facts

The Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville knows that the evidence collected from the scene of the accident has agreed with the version of the same incident, as shared with the arriving officers.

The degree and extent of the reported injury was equal to the nature and extent of the injury that was seen by the treating physician.The document giving the size of the claimant’s lost wages showed that the same amount was equal to the reported amount for lost wages.

Types of evidence

Bills from doctors and other medical facilities
The claimant’s medical records
Police report
Witness statements
Police report

Possible evidence found at scene of accident

–Tire tracks
–Local residents, especially those willing to relate information on earlier accidents in same area

Notes taken during return visit to scene of crash

–Any traffic signals present?
–How many lanes on the road?

Evidence of damage to your vehicle

–Photographs that show the position of the reported damage; those photographs would be of significance, if the location and extent of the photographed damage were to call into question the veracity of any statement that was made by either of the opposing parties.

Evidence of value if vehicle has been totaled

–Pictures taken before the crash. Those should prove especially valuable, if vehicle has been totaled. Insurance agencies normally reimburse a vehicle owner for the value of that same vehicle, as declared in the Blue Book. However, if the owner has added any accessories or other enhancements, then its value should be greater than the one stated in the Blue Book. That is why photographs taken before the date of the accident could prove extremely useful.

How to make best use of the available evidence?

Photographs of damage to the claimant’s vehicle, or pictures of any reported injuries could be attached to a demand letter. That would allow the letter’s writer to add a touch of emotion to the information in the same letter.

Do not create any new evidence. Do not post any pictures on a social networking site. Insurance companies hire special adjusters, who spend the bulk of their time visiting various social networking sites.

Each of those same adjusters has been provided with the names of the most recent claimants, along with their reported injuries. If any one of them has claimed the inability to carry out a certain task, and has been photographed doing that same task, then a defense attorney could easily question his or her claim. The posted photo(s) could support that same attorney’s challenge.

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