Learn How Maintenance of Involved Vehicle Can Affect Liability For Damages

The owner and operator of an automobile has a duty to keep that same set-of-wheels in good operating condition. Otherwise, the failure of any part to perform properly could endanger the other drivers.

Basic aspects of proper maintenance

• Each car’s user’s guide provides details on how to car for the purchased automobile.
• The car’s owner should check the tires for worn tread, and for proper alignment.
• Keep the front lights and the taillights functioning.

The times when additional maintenance work must be completed

• Strange noises send a warning sign
• Brake fails to respond as quickly as desired
• Fluid leak has been spotted
• The warning light on the dashboard starts flashing
• Driver struggles to control steering wheel

Paperwork to save, following completion of any maintenance job

• Save all the bills
• Save the instructions that come with any newly installed part
• Save the details on any warranty that has come with a new component or accessory.

Do not overlook an important safety check, or part correction, and then pay for installation of unnecessary device.

For instance, some mechanics have learned how to wire a car for carrying out the lowering of a cover over the license plate. That provides the driver with the ability to cover the plate, when passing through a traffic light, especially one that has been equipped with a camera. The court would not look kindly on evidence that a car’s owner had paid for installation of that special device, but had failed to invest in the needed routine maintenance. In fact, mention of the car owner’s failure to keep his or her auto well maintained could get added to the files of the irresponsible car owner. Hence, a defense attorney would have access to that particular information.

Timely correction of malfunctioning components a necessity

Suppose you had delayed scheduling the installation of a new brake pad. Suppose, too, that you got photographed going through a red light. You could get the brake fixed and take the bill to the traffic court.

The Injury Lawyer in Oakville knows that a judge might agree to release you from the need to pay a fine. Still, the same judge would be sure to ask that details on the case be filed. That action would be taken so that you could not try that same tactic again, at some point in the near future, and perhaps even in the more distant future.

Any company that rents vehicles should keep each of them in good condition.

Customers would expect any rented set-of-wheels to function smoothly. A customer’s need to pay for some mechanical problem would provide the same customer with a reason for requesting a discount. Of course, the same customer would need proof of the repair expenditures, in order to gain relief from charges.

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