Learn How To Report A Car Accident In Ontario

The passenger or driver that has become involved in a car accident enjoys certain rights. Still, that same person could lose those rights, by failing to submit an accident report.

Ontario dictates the method and timing for issuance of a report, after becoming involved in an accident.

• Do not leave the scene of a collision. Instead, provide a report to the property authority.
• In specific situations, a report must be given to the police. Here are details on such situations:
• If someone was injured, or the amount of damage exceeded $2,000;
• If driver was driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
• If a vehicle hit a pedestrian;
• If the owner of the damaged property is not present;
• If a government vehicle was involved;
• If one of the drivers could not offer any proof of insurance.

If a collision is not reported to the police, then notice of the accident’s occurrence must be shared with a collision reporting center. Someone from the damaged vehicle must visit the reporting center within 24 hours of the accident’s occurrence.

Information to include in any reports about a collision:

• The time and place of the incident
• Provide the police with the known facts, not a suggestion, regarding who was at fault.

What can happen to someone that fails to report an accident to either the police or the collision reporting center?

The other driver might claim that he or she sustained personal injuries. Following the filing of that claim, the driver that failed to submit a report could be held liable for the claimed/reported injuries.

Failure to carry out those reporting tasks removes the driver and passengers from any protection, in the event that someone in the other party makes a claim against any one of them. That includes an unproven claim that one or more members of the other party failed to remain at the scene of the collision.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville knows that anyone involved in an accident invites development of a risky situation, if he or she decides to rely on a promise from the opposing party, such as a promise that any damage will be taken care of.

An additional reporting task:

It is not enough to inform the police about a given collision, you must also contact your insurance company. Provide your insurer with details on the make, model, color and license number of the other vehicle. You should have that information, if you took the time to scribble some notes, once you have returned home, on the day of the accident’s occurrence.

Failure to inform the insurance company could result in denial of coverage and cancellation of your insurance policy. Few car owners feel ready to handle such decidedly severe consequences.

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