Mistakes That Could Derail Your Injury Claim

The law is complex whether you’ve been injured in an auto accident or by a defective product. While your injury lawyer in Oakville should be able to articulate the legal grounds of your claim and expected outcome, many nuances might not be apparent when you consult with them. The following are some common mistakes made by people involved in a personal injury claim so you can avoid additional injury that could result in a diminished or denied recovery.

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

• Not having enough evidence to support your claim.

To win your case, you’ll need evidence to show that someone else is at fault. Make sure you have photos and videos of the scene of the accident. You should also keep receipts for any medical bills or other expenses related to treatment for your injuries. And if another driver caused the accident, contact their insurance company and offer to settle out of court as soon as possible while you still have access to their information.

• Not hiring an attorney early enough in the process.

Hire an injury lawyer immediately so they can start gathering information and building a case against whoever is responsible for your injuries. Attorneys have access to resources that can help them build strong lawsuits against insurance companies and other parties who might try to deny responsibility for causing your injuries or minimize the extent of those injuries.

• Waiting too long before filing a claim.

In most states, there is a statute of limitations on filing personal injury claims — typically two years from the date of injury or three years from when an individual knew about an incident that caused their injuries but failed to report it immediately — so it’s essential to act quickly if something happens that causes physical harm or loss of property.

• Not understanding the legal process.

It may seem straightforward, but you should know what to expect from both sides of your case. You’ll be better able to deal with any challenges if you know how they’ll play out and how other cases were resolved.

Many believe they can represent themselves in court or at least handle most of their cases without hiring an injury lawyer. But unless you’re familiar with all aspects of personal injury law — including complex issues such as product liability — you’re better off hiring an attorney who specializes in personal injury law, so they know how to handle every aspect of your case properly.

• Not getting all the information you need from the other side.

Before making an accurate claim for damages and losses, you need to know what happened. Get everything in writing from the other driver or company that was involved. Don’t assume they’ll give you everything upfront — they may be hesitant because they don’t want their insurance rates to go up. That’s why it’s so important to have an injury lawyer on your side who can work with both parties to gather the information that will help build your case.