Ontario’s Laws On Accident Benefits

Residents of Ontario that do lots of driving do not feel inclined to worry constantly about possible involvement in a motor vehicle accident. Each of those same drivers knows that he or she could gain access to helpful accident benefits, following such an occurrence.

In Ontario, any car accident victim can file for Accident Benefits.

All residents of the Province have the right to undertake such an action. The law does not call for identification of the driver at-fault, before the awarding of any benefit gets considered.

The money linked to Accident Benefits allows coverage of which losses?

Replacement of the victim’s income for the time when the same victim was recovering from the injury. Victims that were students could claim non-earner benefits. A working housewife could claim the same type of benefit.

• Reimbursement of money spent on attendant care
• Reimbursement of money used to cover medical expenses, along with money spent on rehabilitation services.
• Funds that cover caregiver costs
• Coverage of death and funeral expenses
• Payments for housekeeping and home maintenance
• Lost educational opportunity
• Damage to clothing or some other piece of personal property

Important deadlines on the timeline created by the office that delivers the Benefits

The claimant/victim must tell the insurer provider about plans to seek Accident Benefits within 7 days of the accident’s occurrence. The same claimant/victim has 30 days in which to submit both an OCF-1 form and an Accident Benefits Package.

Claimants/victims that miss a deadline must submit a reasonable explanation. For guidance on what excuse equates with a reasonable explanation, those same claimants/victims would need to consult with a lawyer.

For instance, it could be that a required form had reached the necessary office, but had somehow been placed in an incorrect file. Maybe it got hidden in a particular file. A lawyer would need to obtain evidence of such a mishandling of the submitted form. That would allow the person that completed and filed that same form to have a reasonable explanation for the form’s delayed arrival.

In addition, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville might need to account for a delay in the sending of an Accident Benefits Package. Such a package must include a form that has been completed and signed by the claimant’s/client’s physician. It could be that the physician did not provide the patient/client with access to that same form until after the deadline had passed.

Those are just 2 examples of the sorts of situations that might cause a delay in the meeting of a specific deadline. A lawyer’s experience normally allows for development of an insight into other possible situations. Consequently, an attorney’s insights could prove quite valuable to a client that missed a deadline by a day or two.

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