Primary Factors Responsible For Car Accidents

Not too long ago, the Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville representing clients that had been victims of a car accident noted evidence of two principle causes for the unfortunate collision. Both accident-causing factors seemed easy to control, thus lowering the frequency of such accidents. For example, one of the biggest contributing factors was the rate of speed at which the one vehicle traveled down the road.

Obviously, it should be easy to limit the number of accidents caused by speeding. Officers of the law must come down hard on speeders. Indeed, that has been the approach taken by those that care about traffic safety. There are a few other actions that the drivers themselves can take, in order to encourage a preference for a slower speed. A driver can play music, in order to relax. In addition, he or she can ignore those drivers that want to dictate the speed at which every automobile on the streets travels.

The other factor that has contributed to the accident-count for quite some time is impaired driving. Drivers that have been drinking do not hesitate to get behind the wheel of a motored vehicle. Hence, law enforcement makes a point of bringing-in any men or women that have been guilty of causing a DUI (driving under the influence) incident.

The third factor that has come on the scene

A growing number of accidents have been caused by the failed performance of a distracted driver. Some of those drivers had been using a cell phone, some had been studying a GPS system, and some had been eating or drinking while seated behind the steering wheel. And that lists less than half of the distractions that had allowed many innocent drivers and passengers to get harmed.

Of those listed above, more than half represent activities that aid operation of a car’s recently-added, optional features. Those activities that have distracted drivers for quite some time can be added to that newer list. Included among those older activities would be things like smoking while driving, performing acts that are part of personal grooming, adjusting the radio and even talking to passengers.

How to prevent accidents that have resulted from distracted driving

Drivers should not hesitate to put a “do not disturb” reply on their cell phones. If a phone does not have such a setting, then it can be placed in the back seat or, better yet, in the trunk.

Use a video to keep young people in the automobile as content as possible. They get in the habit of remaining still, while the car is in motion.

Drivers can focus more on the way that a car’s interior stays so clean, when no one is eating, smoking or drinking while seated on one of the vehicle’s seats. In a household with multiple drivers, those that helped to dirty that same interior should be made responsible for keeping it clean.

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