The Problems You Invite When You Drive Without A License

If you have been foolish enough to try driving without a license, you do not want to be stopped by someone that is a member of the law enforcement community. Still, as unpleasant as such an encounter would be, it would not equal the unpleasant nature of some other problems that you might face. In fact, you would have invited such problems by undertaking such a foolish action.

Problem one: Putting yourself at a risk for liability issues

If you hope to avoid any great risk while driving, you should make a point of purchasing 3rd party liability insurance. In the absence of such a policy, you will bear the cost of any damages that result from an accident for which you can be deemed “at-fault.”Unfortunately, no insurance company would sell such a policy to someone that has not become a licensed driver.

In addition to that 3rd party insurance, you ought to have accidental benefit coverage. That guarantees payment of your medical bills if you are in an accident, regardless of who gets labeled as the “at-fault” driver. Obviously, an insurer would not agree to sell you such a policy, if you could not provide proof that you were a licensed driver.

Problem two: Putting yourself at risk for fines

Maybe you think that you would need to pay only one fine, if you got stopped for driving without a license. In fact, you could get hit with two or more fines. Any officers that were to stop you would ask for both your license and proof of insurance. If you had no proof of insurance, then you could be fined for failure to carry that same document. That fine would get added to the one that you would need to pay, because you chose to sit at the wheel of a moving, motored vehicle, while lacking a license.

Problem three: Standing at risk of losing your license

If a teenager gets caught driving without a license, an officer of the law will visit the home of that teen’s parents. If the parent had given that young person the keys to the car, then that adult will be held responsible. Adults, however, cannot expect someone else to shoulder the responsibility for their foolish actions.

If an adult fails to take the time to grab his or her license, before getting into the car and heading down the street, that adult must expect to face the consequences. One consequence could relate to the license-holder’s status. The guilty adult could have his or her license suspended.

Hopefully, you would not face such a problem. If you did, then you should not be crazy enough to try getting your hands on the car keys that belong to someone else. Make better use of your time and energy. Try learning more about the world of the commuter that does not own an automobile. Additionally, it helps to consult with an Injury Lawyer in Oakville.

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