Toronto Authorities Study Pedestrian Accidents

Traffic authorities in Toronto have been studying pedestrian accidents. They have even given their efforts a special name, Vision Zero. Those taking part in Vision Zero have chosen to exam all the numbers that relate to pedestrian accidents.

Vision Zero’s participants have a lot of numbers to examine, due to the group’s interpretation of this term: pedestrians. That group has decided that such a term should apply to all people that travel on foot, on a scooter or on a hover board.

What is the significance to inclusion of those on scooters or hover boards?

Young people that use scooters or hover boards frequently wear a helmet. Yet a helmet does not serve as protection against concussion. On the other hand, a number of the symptoms that have become associated with concussions tend to make a delayed appearance.

What is the significance of that delayed appearance?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville knows that among the long list of delayed symptoms, any one symptom might appear months after the accident that caused the disorder with the delayed symptoms. As a result, a relatively mild or unexpected symptom might get overlooked. As a result, the overlooked symptom might never alert the members of Vision Zero’s team to the existence of another concussion among the studied pedestrians.

In other words, there remains confusion, with respect to the meaning of the data obtained by Vision Zero’s participants. How meaningful is it to have a collection of figures that could well be lacking the numbers that could highlight the exact nature of those same figures? Obviously, that would not represent a meaningful effort to gather useful data.

In light of that fact, the authorities working in the Vision Zero program ought to design a better way for collecting all of the data on pedestrian accidents. In addition to counting the number of such incidents, those authorities need to come up with a clear method for determining the outcome for each incident.

How will accidents get studied?

Will only those accidents in which a motor vehicle harms a pedestrian be considered, during compilation of the data? What about an event in which someone with a scooter of a hover board harms someone traveling on foot? Should that be considered, and if so how?

Perhaps you are wondering how someone with a scooter or a hover board might harm someone that is traveling on foot. Picture an enthusiastic scooter user taking the bus to a local park. Then picture that same person getting off the bus and carelessly placing the scooter down on the sidewalk. What could keep that scooter from hitting the toe of someone waiting to board the bus? Obviously, nothing could do that. So, a scooter could hurt a pedestrians’ foot.

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