What Expenses Arise During Litigation of A Personal Injury Case?

Litigation can be expensive. Yet lawyers do not use the term “expense,” when referring to money that covers the charge for a particular service, one performed by a client’s legal team. Instead that expense gets called a cost. Certain costs arise during the course of a trial.

Definition of cost:

An expense charged for a service, one that gets added to the lawyer’s standard fee.

What are some examples of a cost?

• Court costs: Filing fee, money to cover the stipends paid jurors, possible charge for the copying of transcripts, and money to cover payment of the person that serves the summons.
• Expert witness fees: These are the largest of all the fees. Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville typically ask their clients to reimburse such a large payment.
• Administrative expenses: This includes the money spent on postage, travel (for expert witnesses), research, copying and preparation of exhibits.
• Deposition costs: Money to pay the stenographer; if court costs did not cover the copying of transcripts, then that expense gets included in the deposition costs.
• Cost of investigation and information gathering: This can be a large added cost, if a private investigator was hired.

A personal injury lawyer seldom asks a client to cover all those costs. Such lawyers normally charge a contingency fee, in order to limit the financial burden that the case puts on a client. Still, clients do get asked to cover at least some of the above-named costs.

What expense/cost would an attorney’s client be expected to cover?

The amount of money spent on hiring an expert witness. That could include the reimbursement for the expert’s travel expenses. It would certainly include the fee charged by the expert, as compensation for his or her time. A client would not be expected to pay for a private investigator. Still, an attorney would need to pay money, in order to obtain a police report or a medical record. That expense could well get passed on to the attorney’s client.

If the client’s case demanded completion of an extensive amount of research, or the presentation of a large and visually-impressive exhibit, then either of those costs might get passed on to the person that would most benefit from such an expense (the client/plaintiff).

Remember that the money to cover the costs gets taken from the client’s award. A personal injury attorney does not want any clients receiving a greatly-reduced award. That is the reason that lawyers tend to limit the number of costs which clients must cover with an agreed-upon payment. Any client had to reimburse a legal team for a great many costs would probably share that fact with any possible client that had chosen to study the websites of various, personal injury lawyers.

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