What Residents of Ontario Should Know About The Statutory Benefits Schedule (SABS)?

In any part of the world, a combination of 3 letters, SOS can be used to signal for help at the time of an emergency. In Ontario, Canada a combination of 4 letters, SABS can assist someone that has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Whenever any of Ontario’s residents feel uncomfortable about suing the negligent party, the existence of SABS provides them with an optional approach.

What benefits get delivered to those that have sought SABS’ assistance?

• Compensation for the money spent on medical care and care in a rehabilitation facility: The total amount of compensation does not exceed $100,000.
• Compensation for childcare expenses;
• Money that can compensate for financial losses, specifically those resulting from the injured victim’s need for attendant care;
• Funds that can compensate for monetary expenditures, as a result of the need to repair a pair of eyeglasses, one that was worn at the time of the accident;
• Funds that can cover the cost of having to replace or repair any clothing that got damaged at the time of the collision;
• Non-earners’ benefits (where applicable); The payments continue for 2 years and ensure delivery of $185 per week.

What process must be followed by the victim that seeks the statutory benefits?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville obtain the name of the company that insures the vehicle being operated by the responsible driver, at the time of the accident. That could be one of the vehicles involved in a multi-vehicle collision, or it could be a vehicle that has hit someone on a bicycle, or one that has hit a pedestrian.

Contact that same insurance company and report the accident-caused injury. Provide the insurance company with the date and location of the reported collision. Request the forms that must be used by any victims that hope to obtain financial assistance from the offices that oversee the Statutory Benefits Schedule. Find the form that needs to be filled out by the treating physician. Arrange for the same doctor to gain access to that particular form. Check on completion of the same document/form, and make certain that the doctor sends it to SABS’ offices.

Send forms completed by victim to the SABS’ offices. The same offices will contact the named insurance company. Payments made through SABS have come to SABS’ offices from the insurance company of an at-fault driver.

How is the at-fault driver covered?

According to the Statutory Benefits Schedule, the available funds can be delivered to any injured victim, regardless of who has been found at-fault. Naturally, the insurance company has the right to increase the premium on a policy holder, if he or she has been held responsible for a given accident.

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