What Types of Accidents Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

In addition to covering the cost of damage caused by fire or wind, homeowner’s insurance covers certain types of accidents. It covers the homeowner for any accident that takes place on the insured residence. Additionally, it also covers the homeowner and each member of the homeowner’s family, if any one of them injures or damages someone else’s property. Such coverage keeps others from asking that a home be used as compensation for an injury.

Specifics, regarding coverage provided to homeowner

Coverage ensured as long as the accident took place on the homeowner’s property or on someone else’s property. Coverage gets suspended when the homeowner travels away from the insured residence in a car. Coverage does not get suspended if the homeowner has journeyed down the street on the sidewalk, and gets injured while walking.

If the owner of another property has been injured at that same location, or if the policy owner has accidentally damaged someone else’s property, the insurance company will supply the homeowner with a defense lawyer, in the event that he or she gets sued by the affected party. The insurer will not offer such legal support, if the policy owner has injured someone on purpose, or damaged someone else’s property on purpose. Thus, if someone has been injured on a commercial or private property, they have a right to seek compensation with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Oakville.

When the damage done to someone’s property has resulted from an act of negligence, the negligent individual does not have to be on the sight of that same damage. For example, a family’s homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing a window that was broken by a ball, if it was hit by someone in that same family.

What the insurance company provides in the way of legal support

If the homeowner becomes a defendant in a personal injury case, the insurance company provides that policy holder with a legal representative. That legal representative can defend the homeowner in a court of law. At the same time, the insurance company covers the homeowner’s legal settlement and litigation costs.

What sort of accident could push a guest to sue a homeowner?

The most common mishap involves a slip and fall incident. It could also be a trip and fall incident. The ground might get slippery, or it might get covered by one or more objects.

When the guest is a neighbor, then the costs of any damage normally get covered in a negotiated settlement. Alternatively, a skilled neighbor might agree to provide the homeowner with some no-cost repairs. Of course, that same neighbor should have a separate homeowner’s policy, in case a mistake gets made while the repairs are being completed. Otherwise, repairs to one section of the insured property will introduce damage in a different section of that same yard and residence.

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