Who Is Held Liable For Defective Children’s Toys?

When we go out to buy presents for a child, we assume that all the toys marketed at children are safe for them to play with. But this isn’t always the case. And it is not just the small parts that pose a choking hazard that are the problem; there are also other defects which can pose a threat for the children in our lives.

What Steps Have Been Taken To Keep Defective Toys Off The Market?

While the government has already set strict regulations for manufacturers in order to protect children from defective and dangerous toys, there are still a lot of products which make it on the market. These can inflict injuries on the children and young teenagers who obtain them.The list of hazards which have already been covered by government regulations are:

• Strangulation, chocking, and suffocation
• Puncture wounds and lacerations
• Overheating of outside materials which could inflict burn wounds
• Materials and toxic substances which could cause poisoning
• Electrocution and electric shocks

As by the government’s definition, any product which has been designed to be played with or be used as a learning device qualifies as a toy and will need to meet government regulations before it can be distributed.

Who Is Ultimately Held Liable For Defects In Children’s Toys?

First, we will need to establish what makes a toy, or even other products, unsafe in the eyes of the law. There are three main points which can prove a product to be unsafe for distribution, and these are defects in:

• Design
• Manufacturing
• Instruction or marketing

Defects can already pop up as early as in the designing stage. Whether it be an easily detachable part which could pose a choking hazard, or a sharp point or edge which could inflict puncture wounds. There are quite a lot of things to look out for.Defects in manufacturing more often than not stem from the materials being used. Instability due to inferior materials or a threat of poisoning from toxic paints is the main perpetrators behind manufacturing defects.

Marketing defects are brought up in cases in which a lack of warnings or instructions were presented along with the product which led to injuries among purchasers, such as a lack of warning of small removable parts on toys for toddlers and infants which can easily lead to choking.

If your child or someone you know has been injured due to a defective toy, it is important that you talk with a personal injury lawyer in Oakville. They work on a multitude of cases including product liability and can help you get compensated with ease.

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