Slip and Fall

Have you recently sustained serious injuries from a slip and fall accident? These types of accidents are extremely common in the Greater Toronto Area, especially during the icy and snowy months of winter. There have been numerous personal injury cases in the past that involved different types of injuries ranging from minor with only slight discomfort to serious or catastrophic. If you sustained injuries in this type of accident, you could be entitled to compensation the AG Injury Law Office is here to help.

If your injuries resulted from someone else’s negligence, our firm can represent your personal injury claim and pursue an equitable settlement for you. You could be entitled to fair and reasonable compensation that will help you recover any expenses related to your accident. In many slip and fall cases, injury victims incur a number of financial losses including lost wages, medical bills, and a wide array of other expenses. You could also be entitled to specific damages such as your pain and suffering.

Granted, some slip and fall accidents result in minor injuries and minimal discomfort that eventually fades over time. However, there are just as many cases that result in more serious injuries that are accompanied by long-term pain and suffering. In addition to the injuries mentioned above in the opening paragraph, injury victims may suffer with:

chronic pain symptoms

injuries to internal organ

migraine headaches

sleep disorders

Furthermore, disabled and elderly individuals are much more vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. For these individuals, an accident of this nature could result in catastrophic injuries and possibly long-term disability. Unfortunately for some people, their injuries are fatal. However, in such cases, claims can be filed under wrongful death and there are lawyers to assist the next of kin.

According to Ontario personal injury law, commercial and residential property owners alike are obligated by law to ensure that their premises are maintained and safe for all who visit. If they fail to do this, they have breached the duty of care that they are legally obligated to comply with. With slip and fall accidents, the true danger is found within the severity of the injuries that result. The following injuries are the more commonly painful and traumatic ones that injury victims oftentimes sustain:

Back, head, and neck injuries

Broken or sprained ankles and wrists

Fractured clavicles (shoulder blades)

Pulled muscles, stretched tendons, and torn ligaments

Spinal cord injuries

Traumatic brain injuries

If you believe that a property manager’s or owner’s negligence caused your slip and fall accident, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries no matter how severe they are. Don’t allow this type of accident to get the best of you financially. Let us ensure that your rights to compensation are protected by contacting the AG Injury Law Office today and scheduling an appointment for a FREE consultation.