What To Do When Settlement Talks Don’t Go As Planned?

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of the insurance adjusters are going to attempt to handle your claim without any unnecessary energy and time being wasted. However, there are always quite a few insurance adjusters who would want to stall your claim or bluff into giving you an inconsiderable compensation. It is in those cases that no serious negotiation can take place – this is something that you should account for.

These adjusters are likely to make a tremendously low initial offer and they are most likely going to pin it up without providing you with any just information and clarification. They hope that the tactic is going to frustrate or intimidate you enough so that you will go ahead and accept a settlement which is far from being what your claim is actually worth. With this in mind, what are your actual options when the settlement negotiations are at a serious impasse or they have failed entirely?


You might be forced to take a decision that you don’t want to take. However, this is an urge that you would have to resist. Do not settle for less than what your case is actually worth. If you’ve been involved in an accident and you crashed your brand new luxury vehicle that is worth a couple of hundred thousand dollars, you are paying your full premiums of the most comprehensive insurance policy, you would not want to settle for ten grand, would you? Take it all the way.

Threat of a lawsuit

That’s your silver bullet right there. Insurance adjuster are going to risk going to trial only if they are absolutely certain that their case has merit, which, in the majority of the times – it simply doesn’t. This is the main reason for which you should make sure to go ahead and handle the situation comprehensively with a serious threat of lawsuit. Don’t be afraid of this – it’s something that they should be afraid of. After all, you have your merits and you are positive that they will hold up in court – that’s what’s important and that’s what matters. With all this in mind, it is also important to understand that the sheer threat of the lawsuit is going to be enough for the adjuster to come to his senses. That is why let your lawyer deal with the insurance adjuster.

If you are working with a personal injury lawyer already, which you should, make him draft the motion. Send this to the adjuster and let him take a glimpse at what will follow, should things remain unchanged. This is likely to cause him to re-think his statement and to propose an accurate and actionable settlement offer which is well worth it. It is essential that you have a lawyer that has handled such cases in the past and will take care of your case accordingly.

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