An Explanation of Distracted Driving Laws

Any driver should become familiar with the distracted driving laws, because when a driver has been distracted, then he or she could be declared negligent, at the time of an accident. Of course, drivers familiar with these laws should also appreciate the full range of distracting activities that have been covered under the law. Some of the examples of distracting activities: Read More

If A Family Member Is Killed In A Motorcycle Accident, Who Can File A Personal Injury Claim On Their Behalf?

Of all the motorists using Provincial roadways, none are at a higher risk of suffering life-threatening or fatal injuries than motorcyclists. When a crash involving a motorcycle accident and a heavier vehicle occurs, the motorcyclist is left unprotected because of their level of exposure and the lack of safety devices such as air bags and seat belts. If you’ve recently lost a loved one or family member due to another motorist’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Read More

Things To Consider About Disability Claims And Programs In Ontario

Regardless of whether you are suffering from a long-term disability or from a partial one, you need to keep in mind that the compensatory procedures are far from being as comprehensive and easy to understand as they have to. The reality is that they are rather challenging and complex and they would require the legal assistance of a professional lawyer. With all this said, let’s have a quick look at some of the important considerations that you might want to keep in mind. Read More

Personal Injury Claim Mistakes Made By Auto Accident Victims

The truth is that there are at least two types of mistakes that you could do when it comes to a personal injury case. Right off the bat, the very first kind is the type of mistake that you are not doing what you should have done. The second type of mistakes that you can do is that you were absolutely unaware that you were making a mistake in the first place. Of course, the best way to handle both of those is to ensure that you aren’t really making them in the first place. This is what we are going to place the emphasis on when it comes to it. Read More