About Evidence And Proof Needed To Prove A Wrongful Death

Anyone that has lost a loved one should find it possible to empathize with a family that must deal suddenly with a death that appears caused by someone’s negligence. Legally, the term for such an incident is wrongful death. According to the laws of our legal system, relatives can go after a monetary compensation for the losses that resulted from that wrongful death. Read More

How To Hire An Experienced Lawyer For Your Disability Claim?

If you’ve experienced an accident, injury, or illness that has left you disabled and unable to work, a denial of your disability claim can be devastating. But, remember that if your claim has been denied, you still have options. It is important to seek out an experienced lawyer who can help you achieve a successful claim, and get the compensation you need. Read More

Can An Injury Lawyer Help In Situations That Encourage Distractive Driving?

Until drivers enjoyed ready access to cell phones, society did not pay too much attention to those instances where a driver had become distracted. Indeed, the introduction of cell phones has led to a sharp rise in the number of distracted drivers. Still, the limits on the brain’s mental pathways become a factor whenever anything distracts a driver. Read More

How Does Fault Get Determined When Someone Has Filed A Personal Injury Claim?

Typically, any effort to determine who should be held at fault for a given accident begins with the search for an answer to one simple question. Who was most careless in the short span of time that led up to that accidental occurrence? The reason for the frequency with which that question gets asked relates to the definition of negligence. Read More

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Determine Their Fees?

Usually, a personal injury lawyer will be unable to quote an exact fee during the initial consultation with a prospective client. The lawyer’s only clue to what the final fee might be exists in the client’s memory of the claimed accident. If the client has a strong case, any hired attorney will make good money from his or her percent of the money awarded to that same client at the end of the case. Read More

Nuances of Motorcycle Safety In Ontario

If you’re a motorcycle rider, motorcycle safety is extremely important to learn. Safety when operating any motorized vehicle is important however motorcyclists fall into the vulnerable road users’ category according to the Road Safety in Canada 2011 report from Transport Canada. Motorcyclists don’t have a vehicle frame or airbags to protect them in an accident. Without this type of protection, injuries in motorcycle accidents can be life threatening. Read More