What Types of Accidents Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

In addition to covering the cost of damage caused by fire or wind, homeowner’s insurance covers certain types of accidents. It covers the homeowner for any accident that takes place on the insured residence. Additionally, it also covers the homeowner and each member of the homeowner’s family, if any one of them injures or damages someone else’s property. Such coverage keeps others from asking that a home be used as compensation for an injury. Read More

Times When Dog Owner Can Escape Injury Liability

In most circumstances, a dog owner needs to remain in control of his or her pet. That means keeping the loved canine on a leash or in a fenced-in area. Sometimes an owner’s wisdom encourages placement of a word of warning. Hence, those that elect to approach the leashed animal get warning. The same warning signal also sends a message to all those that might try climbing over a fence, despite the notices about the presence of a four-legged guard. Read More