If I Am Injured On The Job, Can I Sue My Employer In Ontario?

In Ontario, workers’ compensation exists to offer benefits to employees in the case they are injured on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits are meant, in theory, to quickly and efficiently offer financial aid to employees who have suffered injuries in the course of employment without having to sue the employer. These benefits are available to all employees, regardless of how they are hurt. Read More

An Explanation of Distracted Driving Laws

Any driver should become familiar with the distracted driving laws, because when a driver has been distracted, then he or she could be declared negligent, at the time of an accident. Of course, drivers familiar with these laws should also appreciate the full range of distracting activities that have been covered under the law. Some of the examples of distracting activities: Read More

Advice For Those Struggling To Understand Work Injury Claims

One noteworthy aspect of a work injury claim has been showcased in a television advertisement, one where someone gets injured during a company baseball game. The person that plans to file a work injury claim should have been injured while taking part in a work-related activity. In other words, injuries sustained at a company-related activity do not qualify. Read More