Times When Dog Owner Can Escape Injury Liability

In most circumstances, a dog owner needs to remain in control of his or her pet. That means keeping the loved canine on a leash or in a fenced-in area. Sometimes an owner’s wisdom encourages placement of a word of warning. Hence, those that elect to approach the leashed animal get warning. The same warning signal also sends a message to all those that might try climbing over a fence, despite the notices about the presence of a four-legged guard. Read More

Who Is Liable In A Dog Bite Or Attack Claim?

A dog attack or bite can be so traumatizing and it can leave the victim with not only physical scars but also emotional scars as well. After a dog attack occurs, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, it’s important that any time the dog breaks your skin with their teeth, these wounds need to be cleaned out in order to avoid infection. Then it’s important that you seek professional assistance from a personal injury lawyer to help you collect compensation from the owner to cover the expenses of the dog bite as well as pain and suffering compensation too. Read More

Time Limitations For Filing A Lawsuit

According to the law, anyone that has become the victim of an accident has the right to initiate a lawsuit. No representative of the law can keep such a victim from starting a lawsuit. On the other hand, the legal system can impose other limitations on filing that particular suit. If the person doing the filing waits too long before starting a considered lawsuit, the court may call for dismissal of that same delayed case. Read More

Understand More about Liability of A Negligent Dog Owner

As a dog owner, you have certain responsibilities, when it comes to how they interact with the public. In most cities, dogs are required to be leashed within city limits unless they are confined within a fence in yard. If a person is injured by a dog, it is found that the owner was negligent then they will be held accountable for any injuries sustained. Whether someone has suffered a dog bite or an injury from an accident caused by an unrestrained dog, the owner will be held liable for any damages, if they are found to be negligent in said case. To be found negligent it has to be determined that you did not follow proper precautions when it came to restraining and overseeing your dog(s). Read More

Why Are Owners Held Liable In Dog Bites Cases?

Pet owners are directly liable for physical injuries and mental trauma caused by their pet animals. In a lot of cases when someone was injured by a pet, most commonly a dog, the owner of the dog as well as the owner of the property, in case they are different people, might actually be held accountable for the injuries of the victim, regardless of whether the injuries are psychological or physical. Read More

Am I Liable If My Dog Bites Someone?

Being a dog owner is a responsibility – that’s something that you need to take into account. You are personally liable for the conduct of your pet and you need to ensure that it’s properly taught to behave. This is especially true when you go ahead and take your pet outside for a walk out in the public. With this in mind, there are quite a lot of things that you might want to take into account when your dog attacks another person or an animal. Read More