Understanding Premises Liability In Ontario Province

While you may find it laughable to watch someone slip or trip and fall in the movies or on TV, there is nothing funny about sustaining serious injuries in this type of accident in real life. However, when a slip or trip and fall accident is caused by a property owner’s negligence or failure to properly maintain and repair that property, the injury victim could be entitled to compensation for damages and their injuries. That is why an injury victim needs to consult with a good injury lawyer in Oakville. Read More

Deadlines For Ontario Personal Injury Claims

Brought into existence in 2002, the Ontario Limitations Act has set a deadline for everyone planning to file a personal injury claim. According to this act, claimants have two years to file their claim before they are no longer able to take action against the liable party. However, since then certain amendments have been put into place which may lead to confusion for today’s claimants. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Oakville can help you understand your deadlines and build a successful case. Read More

How To Recover Damages In The Event of A Personal Injury Claim

Regardless of how you sustained your injuries, there is a chance you may be entitled to certain damages in order to compensate for your injuries and injury related expenses. However, in order to be awarded these damages, you will first need to know which damages you qualify for, and what your rights as a plaintiff actually are. A personal injury lawyer in Oakville will be able to help you with this. Read More

What To Know About Tort Claims?

Following an accident in which you were severely injured, you will likely encounter the term “tort claim”. If you have not already informed yourself online, we are here to explain the ins and outs of tort claims, what their purpose is, and why you may be encouraged by your lawyer to file one yourself. It is good to talk with an expert when you are in doubt as they understand the law and with experience, they know all aspects of the case. Read More