Knowing When You Are In Need of A Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Living with an injury or illness which keeps you from working on a daily basis can be a horrible and devastating experience that is oftentimes additionally worsened by financial troubles. To help ease your struggles in that department, at least, it is vital to be in contact with a long-term disability lawyer who can help you with your benefits claim. Read More

Importance of Presenting Evidence In A Personal Injury Case

It may seem ridiculous at first, when you recount the events which surround the incident which caused your injury as if it weren’t completely obvious what happened. But once you realize that you will not just have to retell the events to receive compensation, but that you will also have to present proof for this string of events, things can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Read More

Time Limits On Filing A Claim On Municipality By Injured Victims

This article focuses on the limited time span during which Canadians injured in an incident on government property have for filing a personal injury claim. According to the law, each of them must notify the appropriate municipality within 10 days. Those victims that fail to present a notification within that short span of time lack the ability to seek compensation for the municipality’s alleged negligence. Read More

Quick Facts About Contingency Agreements

After a lawyer’s client signs a contingency agreement with a personal injury lawyer, that member of the legal profession gets paid when the client recovers a compensation. If you get asked to sign such an agreement, you should have some say about the percentage of the compensation that will get paid to your lawyer. Still, you should know that most clients pay their lawyers 33% of any awarded compensation. Read More