Know About Ontario Standard of Care In Regards To Medical Malpractice Cases

Following an injury which was sustained while you were under the care of a medical healthcare professional, you may have a medical malpractice case on your hands. Such a case would require you to obtain evidence that your injuries were sustained as the result of negligent behavior on the part of your health care provider, other medical staff, the medical facility, or the pharmaceutical company which provided your medicine. Read More

Guide To Long Term Disability Claims

The purpose of long-term disability insurance is to ensure a steady income for members of society who have become incapable of work due to a severe, long term disability. A large number of big scale corporations have begun to add disability insurance to the benefit packages of their employees. If you are not employed at such a corporation, you will be able to purchase your own private disability insurance which provides the same coverage under the same circumstances. Special policies are also available for surgeons, athletes, or the like, if they wish to obtain certain benefits in the event of a disability sustained while they practice their profession. Read More

Disability Insurance Appeals Following A Letter of Denial

Just because your disability insurance claim was denied doesn’t mean that it’s all over. Regardless of whether you have filed a claim for employer disability, following a denial, they both allow for an appeal on your part. Even more than once if that is what it takes. However, when it comes to private disability insurance, things may be a little more complicated and may require that you seek legal counsel to take a closer look at your policy. Statistically, it has been found that not even a third of all claims meet immediate approval, so you should definitely not give up. Especially not right away. Read More

Can You Get Compensated For A Gym Injury In Ontario?

If you know of some gym in Ontario that never asks those that use that particular facility to sign a waiver, then there is a good chance that you might get compensated for a gym injury, one that you sustained while visiting that same facility. Of course, most of Ontario’s gyms do ask those that use them to sign a waiver. That signed document is supposed to remove the gym’s owner from any risk for being hit with a liability charge. Read More

Importance of Presenting Evidence In A Personal Injury Case

It may seem ridiculous at first, when you recount the events which surround the incident which caused your injury as if it weren’t completely obvious what happened. But once you realize that you will not just have to retell the events to receive compensation, but that you will also have to present proof for this string of events, things can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Read More

Time Limits On Filing A Claim On Municipality By Injured Victims

This article focuses on the limited time span during which Canadians injured in an incident on government property have for filing a personal injury claim. According to the law, each of them must notify the appropriate municipality within 10 days. Those victims that fail to present a notification within that short span of time lack the ability to seek compensation for the municipality’s alleged negligence. Read More