Tips For The Motorcycle Rider In Ontario That Wants To Stay Safe

Ontario has introduced a graduated licensing system, in hopes of guaranteeing the safety of the province’s various motorcycle riders. That system forces each rider to engage in some type of training, whether it be self-guided or in accordance with an instructor’s guidelines. Considering the number of accidents claims that are represented by Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville, alertness on the roads is a must. Read More

Nuances of Motorcycle Safety In Ontario

If you’re a motorcycle rider, motorcycle safety is extremely important to learn. Safety when operating any motorized vehicle is important however motorcyclists fall into the vulnerable road users’ category according to the Road Safety in Canada 2011 report from Transport Canada. Motorcyclists don’t have a vehicle frame or airbags to protect them in an accident. Without this type of protection, injuries in motorcycle accidents can be life threatening. Read More

Estimating The Value of A Motorcycle Accident Claim

If your motorcycle got damaged after colliding with a motor vehicle, you may feel eager to discover the value of your compensation for damages. Before you try to calculate that particular figure, you should first ask this question: Can I prove that the driver that hit me was negligent? If you cannot answer that question with a firm “yes,” then there is not much chance that you can get compensated for your damages. Read More

Bicycle Safety Rules That Motorists Need To Adhere To

Not everyone has access, or even wants access, to a vehicle to drive to and from everywhere they need to go. When an accident happens between vehicles of different sizes, a major injury can occur. The same results happen when a vehicle collides with a bicycle. There are rules and regulations that help to keep bicyclists as safe as possible when it comes to riding down the streets and roads. And if you are in an accident, you need to contact personal injury lawyer in Oakville. Here are some basics that you should talk over with everyone in your life that rides. Read More

If A Family Member Is Killed In A Motorcycle Accident, Who Can File A Personal Injury Claim On Their Behalf?

Of all the motorists using Provincial roadways, none are at a higher risk of suffering life-threatening or fatal injuries than motorcyclists. When a crash involving a motorcycle accident and a heavier vehicle occurs, the motorcyclist is left unprotected because of their level of exposure and the lack of safety devices such as air bags and seat belts. If you’ve recently lost a loved one or family member due to another motorist’s negligence, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately. Read More