Can The Government Tax A Car Accident Settlement?

The law awards compensation to victims of an automobile accident, in order to help each of them get back to their original position, financially. For that reason, the money received following most car accident settlements does not get subject to taxes. Still, that does not mean that when a victim receives money as compensation, then he or she should automatically assume that no cent must ever be handed over to the government. Read More

What Residents of Ontario Should Know About The Statutory Benefits Schedule (SABS)?

In any part of the world, a combination of 3 letters, SOS can be used to signal for help at the time of an emergency. In Ontario, Canada a combination of 4 letters, SABS can assist someone that has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Whenever any of Ontario’s residents feel uncomfortable about suing the negligent party, the existence of SABS provides them with an optional approach. Read More

Reporting Your Ontario Motor Vehicle Collision

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision in the province of Ontario, you should act fast when it comes to reporting. In the immediate aftermath, you should remain at the accident site in order to provide assistance to other parties involved. Observe sustained injuries and damages, and if you determine the combined damage to be worth more than $2,000, then you will also need to report the collision.Specific instructions will also be provided the Collision Reporting Center in your area, as well as by your insurance company. Read More