What Happens If I Get Hit By Driver That Leaves Scene?

If a driver hits a pedestrian and then drives off, the pedestrian becomes the victim in a hit-and-run incident. All such victims have an obligation to help the police. Their assistance is expected, during the search for the responsible driver. You need to be aware that irrespective of the current location of the hit and run driver, the unidentified driver remains responsible for any injuries. That driver is responsible both legally and financially and it is possible that the victim may have clues that could prove of value to the police. Read More

Consequences of Getting Injured In An Accident That Was Partially Your Fault

Whenever personal injury lawyers investigate and analyze the circumstances of an accident, they are gathering enough evidence to prove that the at-fault driver was careless or negligent. However, in some cases, that evidence reveals that the injured party was negligent and caused their own harm. The Ontario judicial system takes this into account and has established rules for situations when the injured party is at fault. Read More

What Are You Eligible For As A Pedestrian In A Road Accident?

As a pedestrian, you may be eligible for benefits from two parties, if involved in a vehicle accident. If you have been hit by a car, you may be eligible for restitution from both the driver of the vehicle and the county in which it happened. It all depends on the circumstances behind the circumstances. If you are injured in an auto accident involving you as the pedestrian and another vehicle, then the driver of that vehicle is liable for your injuries if he/she was at fault. The most common situations where fault lies with the driver involve not following traffic regulations or not noticing a pedestrian in the road. If the county, city, or municipality is found liable, this most often occurs because of faulty traffic equipment. Read More