Understanding Premises Liability In Ontario Province

While you may find it laughable to watch someone slip or trip and fall in the movies or on TV, there is nothing funny about sustaining serious injuries in this type of accident in real life. However, when a slip or trip and fall accident is caused by a property owner’s negligence or failure to properly maintain and repair that property, the injury victim could be entitled to compensation for damages and their injuries. That is why an injury victim needs to consult with a good injury lawyer in Oakville. Read More

Consequences of Getting Injured In An Accident That Was Partially Your Fault

Whenever personal injury lawyers investigate and analyze the circumstances of an accident, they are gathering enough evidence to prove that the at-fault driver was careless or negligent. However, in some cases, that evidence reveals that the injured party was negligent and caused their own harm. The Ontario judicial system takes this into account and has established rules for situations when the injured party is at fault. Read More