What To Know About Tort Claims?

Following an accident in which you were severely injured, you will likely encounter the term “tort claim”. If you have not already informed yourself online, we are here to explain the ins and outs of tort claims, what their purpose is, and why you may be encouraged by your lawyer to file one yourself. It is good to talk with an expert when you are in doubt as they understand the law and with experience, they know all aspects of the case. Read More

Importance of Presenting Evidence In A Personal Injury Case

It may seem ridiculous at first, when you recount the events which surround the incident which caused your injury as if it weren’t completely obvious what happened. But once you realize that you will not just have to retell the events to receive compensation, but that you will also have to present proof for this string of events, things can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. Read More

Complex Nature of Fatigue In Connection With Traumatic Brain Injury

When it comes to deaths and disabilities related to injuries, traumatic brain injury, or TBI, still holds the number one spot, and in a lot of these cases, fatigue has been reported to be a major side effect. Everybody has dealt with fatigue during the day at some point or another, but chronic fatigue cannot be cured by a good night’s rest, and will continue to plague and heavily impact the victim’s life regardless of how much rest they get each night. Read More

Time Limits On Filing A Claim On Municipality By Injured Victims

This article focuses on the limited time span during which Canadians injured in an incident on government property have for filing a personal injury claim. According to the law, each of them must notify the appropriate municipality within 10 days. Those victims that fail to present a notification within that short span of time lack the ability to seek compensation for the municipality’s alleged negligence. Read More