How To Deal With Underside Accidents?

First, we should establish what an underside accident is. This highly specified type of accident commonly takes place on highways and involves a large truck and a small car. Upon collision, usually a side- or rear-end-collision, the car is then squeezed underneath the truck’s trailer. The result of such a collision can be severe. Victims are often left heavily injured and cars left as a total loss. This is because the smaller vehicle will often be dragged across the road, if not fully crushed by the truck’s trailer. In some cases, the trailer will be at the exact height of the driver or their passenger, which can lead to severe, if not fatal, injuries. Read More

Better Understanding of A Tort Claim

A tort claim is described as an accident injury victim seeking compensation from the person that caused the accident. The person that caused the accident must be held legally responsible for having caused physical, emotional, psychological or financial injury to the victim in order for a tort claim to be filed. Tort is the legal reference that describes the injury causing event. The basics of a tort claim are listed below: Read More

Reporting Your Ontario Motor Vehicle Collision

Following your involvement in a motor vehicle collision in the province of Ontario, you should act fast when it comes to reporting. In the immediate aftermath, you should remain at the accident site in order to provide assistance to other parties involved. Observe sustained injuries and damages, and if you determine the combined damage to be worth more than $2,000, then you will also need to report the collision.Specific instructions will also be provided the Collision Reporting Center in your area, as well as by your insurance company. Read More