What Are The Signs And Symptoms That A Baby Suffered A Brain Injury At Birth?

What if the happiest moment in your life was replaced with overwhelming fear and devastation? You are ready to deliver your baby and during the delivery, your baby suffered an injury that may have been prevented if the right steps were taken. What happens now?

This scenario is something we hope you never have to experience but if you think that your baby was injured during delivery, you may want to seek representation as soon as possible. There are different reasons for injuries to occur during labor and delivery it the most common is a lack of oxygen to the baby. When an infant goes without oxygen for a prolonged period of time, it can cause permanent damage to the brain, leaving the baby disabled for the rest of his/her life. While there are medical treatments, rehabilitation, and even therapy to help your child, this can cost money over time.

What are the Signs of Brain Damage?

It’s important that a child is diagnosed as quickly as possible so treatment can begin. A baby may not always display signs of an injury at first. In fact, you may not be aware of any problem until after the delivery is over. There are some general symptoms to look for immediately which can include:

• no heartbeat
• Shallow breathing
• Needs resuscitation
• Lethargy, or extremely tired and hard to wake up
• Seizures
• Very irritable
• Limp
• Cannot feed

If you notice any of these symptoms your baby may have a condition that is referred to as Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy, also called HIE. This condition is diagnosed by abnormal brain function symptoms due to the lack of oxygen. One treatment that a doctor may deliver immediately is called Whole Body Cooling. This treatment will lower the baby’s overall body temperature to hypothermic state for about seventy-two hours. This treatment may seem harsh but doctors believe that it protects the brain and minimizes the damage done from lack of oxygen causing the chemical process in the baby’s brain due to asphyxiation.In addition to the symptoms above, you may notice that your baby is also having trouble sleeping normally, displaying abnormal baby behavior, shakes, and tends to stare off.

Physical Developmental Delays

With this type of injury, you may notice that normal developmental milestones are not reached during the appropriate ages. These milestones include:

• Pulling up
• Walking
• Rolling over
• Crawling
• Feeding themselves
• Sitting up
• Difficulty grasping objects in hand
• Standing

It is important to consult an injury lawyer in Oakville and let them handle the claim on your behalf.

How Can a Birth Injury Lawyer Help Your Child?

When you notice these symptoms, the first thing you want to do is to contact a birth injury lawyer to assist you in determining the next steps. Your lawyer will review the medical records, listen to your story, and gather up the information necessary to help represent you when you need it. Brain damage due to lack of oxygen is sometimes preventable. Let’s see if you should consider taking the next step in holding those accountable.

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