What Liability Charges Can Be Placed On The Owner of A Dog That Has Bitten Someone?

If the dog-bite incident took place in Ontario, the dog owner can be held responsible for any damages. In other words, the law does not consider an owner’s lack of awareness of a given canine’s violent tendencies to be an excuse for a pet’s uncontrolled behavior.

What actions should be taken by the owner of the biting canine?

Get your pet under control as quickly as possible. This will limit the chances that the victim might attempt to control the attacking animal, in hopes of preventing the need to sustain further injuries. They will need to arrange for the victim to gain access to medical attention. The owner should get the victim’s name and contact information.

Additionally, it helps to get the name and contact information for any witnesses. Such information could prove quite helpful, if your dog was provoked by the victim. A witness could also confirm an account that declared the victim to have been an uninvited guest.

What actions should be taken by the victim?

• Get the owner’s name and contact information.
• Get the names and contact information from any witnesses.
• Have any injury to some part of the body seen by a physician as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to visit the emergency room of a hospital.
• Take pictures of the injury. Take pictures of any devices that had been used by the owner, in hopes of controlling the violence-prone pet.
• Report the incident to the police.
• Contact a personal injury lawyer in Oakville.

Explain the circumstances that placed you in proximity to the biting animal. If you had been invited onto the owner’s property, do not hesitate to share that fact with your new lawyer. And if you had a reason that provoked the dog to attack you, it is essential that you tell the details to your lawyer. It does not help to hide facts from your lawyer as then they are caught unaware when settling the claim with the defendant. Basically, it does not work in your favor.

If the victim is self-employed, any hired attorney should be consulted, regarding the documents needed, in order to win compensation for time away from work. Someone who is self-employed does not get a paycheck on a regular schedule and cannot use a check stub as proof of lost earnings. However, there are other means to claim damages and talking with a lawyer certainly helps. However, make sure that the lawyer that you hire has had success in proving liability in the past. This will strengthen your chance of winning the claim.

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