How To Seek Fair Compensation When An Accident Forces You To Deal With Chronic Pain

The accident victim with clear evidence of his or her claim normally finds it rather easy to obtain fair compensation for any accident-related injuries. On the other hand, someone living with chronic pain, as the result of an accident-caused injury could find that he or she has been placed in a difficult situation.

Types of accidents normally associated with chronic pain:

• Collisions between 2 or more motor vehicles
Slip and fall incidents
• Coming into possession of a dangerous product, and getting harmed while using it

Legal definition of chronic pain:

Experiencing a painful sensation for more than 6 months, following involvement in an injury-causing accident. Having your life disrupted by that same painful sensation.

The presence of certain physical problems can serve as evidence of such painful sensations.

• Difficulty moving
• Fatigue or lack of energy
• Living with a depressed state of mind
• Demonstrating a high level of anxiety
• Loss of appetite

Statements from friends and family members can work to verify the existence of such problems in the life of the victim. In addition, any pictures that show the victim struggling to perform a given task can be used to focus on the disruptive nature of the recurring pains.

Evidence expected from experts:

Some physicians specialize in the area of chronic pain. A good injury lawyer in Oakville has the ability to reach out to such a physician and to make use of his or her knowledge. The insights gained through speaking with such an expert can help an injury lawyer to counter any claims that have been made by the members of the other party’s legal team.

The victim’s own evidence

That usually takes the form of a journal or diary. The victim needs to record those times when he or she experienced pains of a decided intensity or pains that disrupted an everyday event. A collection of such recorded memories can be used to supplement the other forms of evidence.

How faces might be used to help a victim facing recurring pains:

Hospitals use a series of 10 faces, in order to gain a sense for the degree of pain endured by a given patient. The faces range from a smile at one end to a pronounced grimace at the other end. A lawyer might want to try taking the same approach. Such an approach might be used as a method for measuring the intensity of a specific sensation. A lawyer’s use of that approach could not be questioned by the other party’s lawyers, if it were backed by a written statement from a medical professional, preferably someone who works in a hospital. In addition, utilization of the series of faces shows an increased understanding of how science views measurement of painful sensations.

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