Who Is Responsible If A Dog Attacks Someone?

The law appears to have a clear answer to that question. A dog’s owner becomes responsible, if that same canine has attacked another person. Yet the law does not spell out clearly what aspects of possession allow someone to be labelled as the dog’s owner.

A combination of features must be met, in order for any one person to be called the owner. The dog that attacked someone else had to be in the possession of the alleged owner before the attack took place. That same canine had to be under the controlling influence of that particular individual, the alleged owner.

What the ruling about owners should be saying to anyone that gets paid for walking one or more dogs.

Every dog walker should check on the terms in his or her home insurance policy. Does that policy promise coverage of any injuries to someone that might be attached by an angry canine?

The same ruling has a message for any business or organization that operates within 4 walls. If there is some type of crawl space under that building, there may be a way for a female and pregnant dog to sneak into that crawl space. She could have her puppies there, and proceed to defend them. Depending on how the building has been situated, she may have chosen to keep her puppies in a spot that is not far from where men and women are passing by.

If that is the case, she may one day run out and confront an innocent man or woman. Even if that same man or woman does not get attacked, the sudden confrontation could be frightening. The confronted adult might step back, and maybe lose balance and fall down.

Suppose that the person confronted by the four-legged mother was a human female, and a pregnant woman. If something happened to her, she would have grounds for suing someone. Who would she sue? Who was the owner?

That is the question that should be on the minds of every business and organization. That question has not suggested in order to envision what might happen. Instead, it addresses the issue at play in real situations. That is why some people press charges while others who are not hurt much leave it at that. However, if someone you know has been injured or bitten by a dog, it is essential that you talk with a personal injury lawyer in Oakville before you file a case. There have been instances when the animal has mauled and the victim ended up with disfigurements and many surgeries while in other cases, the lawyer could not find enough reason to file a claim. Thus, the compensation will be based on the level of injuries you have sustained.

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