What Happens If I Get Hit By Driver That Leaves Scene?

If a driver hits a pedestrian and then drives off, the pedestrian becomes the victim in a hit-and-run incident. All such victims have an obligation to help the police. Their assistance is expected, during the search for the responsible driver. You need to be aware that irrespective of the current location of the hit and run driver, the unidentified driver remains responsible for any injuries. That driver is responsible both legally and financially and it is possible that the victim may have clues that could prove of value to the police.

Information that could be in the victim’s possession

• Pictures of the scene
• The police report on the incident
• The medical records for the injured victim
• Any statements from witnesses; contact information for witnesses
• Bills sent to victim’s address by doctors or by a visited medical facility
• Video footage from a nearby business
• Information on time missed from work, while recovering from injuries
• The license number for the vehicle that caused the injuries.
• The color of that same vehicle; any other distinctive features on that particular vehicle.

The lawyer’s role is very important in such accident cases. If you or a loved one has been injured, it is important to seek the assistance of the personal injury lawyer in Oakville. That lawyer could arrange for the police to view the information obtained by that attorney’s client. This will help get more details about the accident. Even the color or license plate of the runaway driver can help locate the vehicle.

If the motorist were located, the lawyer could suggest how to move forward. If the pedestrian did not suffer severe injuries, the motorist and the victim/pedestrian could meet at the lawyer’s office. The lawyers have ample experience with such cases and know that CCTV footage of the area can help with the pending investigations.

If the victim sustained severe injuries, the driver’s insurance company would need to be notified. If the driver did not have insurance, then the lawyer would need to seek some other source of funds. There are state-sponsored accident benefit policies that can be looked into to ensure that the victim gets the medical assistance that they seek.

What can be done if the driver is never found?

In the past, some victims have become quite innovative. Those that see the available footage can study what took place at that one specific corner. They can appreciate the level of difficulty linked to a determination of the driver’s identity. At the same time, each viewer increases the number of people that might one day spot the responsible vehicle. Thus, creating awareness and filing a case or claim for damages becomes important.

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