Understand More about Liability of A Negligent Dog Owner

As a dog owner, you have certain responsibilities, when it comes to how they interact with the public. In most cities, dogs are required to be leashed within city limits unless they are confined within a fence in yard. If a person is injured by a dog, it is found that the owner was negligent then they will be held accountable for any injuries sustained. Whether someone has suffered a dog bite or an injury from an accident caused by an unrestrained dog, the owner will be held liable for any damages, if they are found to be negligent in said case. To be found negligent it has to be determined that you did not follow proper precautions when it came to restraining and overseeing your dog(s). Read More

What To Do When Settlement Talks Don’t Go As Planned?

The unfortunate truth is that the majority of the insurance adjusters are going to attempt to handle your claim without any unnecessary energy and time being wasted. However, there are always quite a few insurance adjusters who would want to stall your claim or bluff into giving you an inconsiderable compensation. It is in those cases that no serious negotiation can take place – this is something that you should account for. Read More

Can Anyone File A Wrongful Death Claim?

When a family member dies because of the fault of another individual in an accident, wrongful death suits can be brought against the at-fault party. Grievances can be claimed by certain family members of spouse under certain circumstances. Wrongful death claims are meant to allow surviving members of the deceased’s family to seek monetary reparation for damage done because of this death. Monetary reparations are meant to help alleviate the stress often brought on by the death of a loved one and can include recompense for funeral costs, unpaid medical bills and even emotion injury. It is important to be aware of who can file such claims and what is to be expected from winning them. Read More

About The Accident Coverage Available To Bicyclists

Cyclists are treated like motorists when it comes to the rules of the road. They are expected to obey all rules involving traffic signals and pedestrian walkways. However, they are not required to carry insurance. This doesn’t mean that they do not have benefits available to them should the situation arise that requires such things. Most often when cyclists are involved in a traffic accident is because of the fault of a motorist. Perhaps the motorist did not see the oncoming bicycle because they were in their blind spot. Most accidents involving bicycle versus car is because a motorist opened the door on an oncoming cyclist. But, accidents do occur where the cyclist is hit by the car. Read More

Will Injury Lawyer Advice About Long-Term And Severe Injuries Claim After An Accident?

The thing about personal injury law is that the compensation that the victim of an accident receives is going to be based off the severity of the injuries. And, that’s quite logical. The main purpose behind personal injury law is to provide monetary compensation for all the losses which were caused by the accident. The idea is to assist the victim in restoring his life to the point before the accident. However, how do we measure injuries? What is determined as a catastrophic injury? Let’s have a look. Read More

Can I File A Product Liability Claim After Getting Injured Due To Use of An Unsafe Product?

Every single day in Canada millions of consumers purchase a whole range of different products. These might range from dairy products, groceries, vehicles, toys, food, clothes and basically everything that you can really thing of, including pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics. With every single thing that you buy, you expect that the company that manufactured it and the sellers accordingly have done everything within their reach to actually ensure that they are safe for usage. At the same time, you expect that if there are any inherent risks and hazards which come with the product, they will be communicated accordingly and that you will be well aware of them. Read More

Why Are Owners Held Liable In Dog Bites Cases?

Pet owners are directly liable for physical injuries and mental trauma caused by their pet animals. In a lot of cases when someone was injured by a pet, most commonly a dog, the owner of the dog as well as the owner of the property, in case they are different people, might actually be held accountable for the injuries of the victim, regardless of whether the injuries are psychological or physical. Read More

Do Rules of Fault Determination Affect Accident Benefits And Insurance Claims?

If you have been injured in a pedestrian, cycling, motor vehicle or just about any accident out there, you are capable and entitled to filing for Ontario Accident Benefits with the insurance company, regardless of whether you are at fault or not. This is due to the fact that there is the so-called “No fault” rule which is set forth in the “Rules of Fault Determination” in the Insurance Act of Ontario. If you plan on going after the other driver for your pain and suffering compensation or for any other expenses out there, you must file your claim through your own insurance company first. Read More