Actions To Take If You Are Denied Your Canadian Pension Plan Disability Benefits

While employed, working Canadians enjoy the privilege of being able to make regular contributions to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). Those who have made such contributions become eligible for disability benefits, upon being deprived of the ability to work, due to illness or injury.

Other factors that can determine an employee’s eligibility for CPP benefits:

• Employee has suffered an illness or injury, one that has led to development of a severe or prolonged disability.
• Employee’s disability makes him or her unable to work at a regular occupation on a steady basis.

Same employee is unable to pursue any form of gainful employment. Continuing reappearance of medical problems has resulted in creation of a resume with a large number of “holes.” Such resumes normally get overlooked by the people responsible for hiring new employees.

Why someone who appears to meet the criterion for eligibility might be denied CPP benefits:

The denied worker could not follow the CPP’s rules; such rules tend to lack clarity.

The denied worker had not handled the paperwork in a satisfactory manner. Each application contains 42 pages. Due to the lengthy nature of that application, many applicants fail to complete it properly.

Application lacks all of the necessary information.

Basic facts about the appeal process:

Anyone that has been denied CPP benefits has the right to request a reconsideration of his or her application. At the time of the first appeal, the new application gets viewed by Canada’s Minister of Employment and Social Development.

If the Minister has supported the denial of CPP benefits, the applicant can initiate a second appeal. At the time of that second appeal, the new application gets studied by the General Division of the Social Security Tribunal.

Suggested actions for an employee that has initiated a first or second appeal:

Study that original application. See if you can find any mistakes. Indicate for your own purposes what piece of information should have gone into that specific space. If something was misspelled, indicate the correct spelling.

Pay attention to the deadline. Do not miss the deadline, when submitting your new application. It is important to furnish all requested information. Fix any mistakes that were made in the original application.

Make a point of keeping in touch with someone in the offices of the Canadian Pension Plan. Share with that same individual those details that relate to any tests that you have taken, or plan to take.

Make a copy of any document that you receive from your doctor. Save that same copy, so that it can be used as evidence by Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville, in the event that you lose the original document. Do not store the copies and the original documents in the same spot. Keep them in separate containers.

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