How Dash Cams Help With Interpretation of Gathered Evidence

If a photograph gets used as a piece of evidence, then it does not need to be interpreted. The jury should be told what took place before and after the photographer snapped that particular picture. Still, not all evidence appears in pictures.

A witness account can also get added to the collection of gathered evidence. Still, a witness account of a motor vehicle accident might differ from the accounts related by the driver and passengers. At such times, it helps to have access to the shots taken by a camera on the dashboard (dash cam).

Noteworthy features of a dash cam:

Each such camera shows what has taken place in front of the vehicle equipped with the dash cam. All such cameras operate continuously whenever the vehicle’s ignition is on.

During the time when any dash cam is in operation, the taped footage creates a presentation of the ongoing events. This camera can be used to capture footage of a driver that has chosen to handle a vehicle in a reckless manner. In a personal injury case, a defense lawyer can use such footage, in order to reduce or eliminate the amount of compensation that the defendant must pay the plaintiff.

By the same token, it can be used to show that a given driver had become distracted, while sitting behind the steering wheel, in a moving vehicle. The figures and faces captured by the camera on the dashboard of a vehicle involved in a collision can be used to identify potential witnesses. In that way, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Oakville can seek out additional witnesses, if an existing witness offers an account that differs markedly from the driver’s or passenger’s account.

How dash cams might prove useful in the moments after a collision?

Each of those cameras might be used to capture footage of the actions taken by the driver and passengers in a damaged vehicle. The resulting footage might show that the driver tried to hide a half-eaten sandwich or a handheld device. A driver’s attempt to hide such objects would represent an effort to keep from being charged with distracted driving.

In this case, the driver’s efforts would prove fruitless. The camera would have captured a picture that showed the sandwich or that small device in the driver’s hand. A jury would find it hard to deny the fact that the driver had been distracted, before the collision took place.

That evidence could be used by the lawyer for the other party. That same party could anticipate a reduction of the money awarded for damages. Indeed, it could be that the defendant would learn that the court had removed any demand for the delivery of compensation for damages.

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